Pre built or Bespoke?

Posted Apr 05, 2020, Category: Advice

Pre-built or Bespoke? Here’s our answer. 

For businesses of all sizes, Eurodita is the bespoke manufacturer of choices. Here, you’ll have the option to pick pre-built log structures that have proved their worth in the market or to inquire for a bespoke order. While the word bespoke may seem daunting for companies that are yet to grow, rest assured: our model suits “one-time one-piece” orders just as well as large manufacturing rollouts. Read on, and we’ll explain our product range and the differences between pre-built or bespoke-manufactured log structures made here at Eurodita.

Built from the finest there is — Nordic timber.

Manufactured from high-quality Nordic timber, our log structures are built to last. Nordic timber is durable, highly insulating, and, most importantly, to the human eye, it is highly aesthetic. These specific homes are made from glued laminated timber that ensures excellent ventilation and secures up to 30% more thermal resistance. And, contrary to what it may seem, they’re super easy to assemble.

Homes & holiday homes:

Our log homes and log cabins will suit both, aspiring homeowners and holiday-seekers, for they provide the perfect living conditions for nature lovers.


Our camping cabins and pods will surprise with a movie-like experience. Self-contained, they resemble mini-hotels for campers and provide all of the technical details that, knowingly or unknowingly, you will need. They are root-proof, thermo-proof, water-proof and hard-weather-resistant, with double locks to maximise security.

Parking premises:

At Eurodita, we offer a choice between single-car and double-car garages. They’re easy to assemble and are all that you’d need of a garage, really: their structure protects vehicles from rain, snow, and, consequently, rust damage, and they feature insulated walls. 

Friends & Family:

For quality time with your loved ones, we have a wide variety of BBQ huts. Comfortable, fitting the right amount of people, and suitable for any weather — our authentic BBQ huts even have chimneys and ventilation systems installed. And, they’re eco-friendly.


Modern glulam garden rooms are the newest offering at Eurodita — we’re innovating log structures to introduce glued logs with unique swivel angles. These qualities form log structures that stand out and offer customers unique architectural solutions designed specifically for gardening experiences. 

So here’s a big difference.

Bespoke is for those who want something of their own.

Bespoke, as the name suggests, is designed for you, manufactured for you, and built for you. Bespoke is specifically for your wants, needs and requirements. This is the benefit that separates this choice the most. 

We’ve adapted our business model and are now able to offer bespoke structures even for single orders — that is, if you want a log home, garden room, or anything Eurodita, just for you, we will make it.

And the costs are nowhere near as high as you would imagine. 

For retail dealers, bespoke structures offer a chance to stand out: to eliminate competition, to break the chain of competing on price, and to attract the customers that want something different. 

Each house may be designed and manufactured individually. Our team of architects will take care of all the necessary calculations and permissions to ensure compatibility with safety requirements, and our unique, market-leading computer technology will produce structures to the finest of detail that you have planned.

This software produces detailed blueprints and 3D drawings for your order immediately — and with your ability to decide where every element is placed. 

In terms of time, it takes longer to deliver a bespoke order, but insignificantly, which is why it is a perfect choice. 

Pre-made is the readily available choice.

Pre-made suits best the retailers looking to add to their market offering, and the single consumers wanting their log structures here and now.

It’s already made, so you save time on manufacturing.

It’s tested and true to the market, so you will not have a problem marketing it.

It does not require personalisation, so it’s more cost-friendly.

But after all, it’s the Eurodita standard — durable, aesthetic, and trusted by the market.  

In the end, whatever you desire, we have it.

Be it bespoke or pre-made that ends up being your choice, Eurodita delivers. Our product catalogues of Log Homes, Log Cabins explain their qualities in more detail. If you want to place a bespoke order or generally discuss the possibilities of building something together, get in touch.