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Choosing a bbq hut tabletop

A BBQ hut is an excellent addition to your backyard and can serve as a kitchen and dining table. You are choosing a table top that complements your BBQ Cabin’s decor. To make the tabletop more functional, try selecting a hexagonal shape. It can also serve as a serving surface when you’re not cooking. Unlike regular picnic tables, a multi-purpose table top is a great idea. However, if you’re looking to create a space where you can sit down and relax with your guests, you’ll need to consider how to choose a sturdy tabletop.

Planning permission

The planning permission for an octagonal barbecue is not generally required for private residences. However, there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if you’re planning to build your barbecue hut in a conservation area, you may need to apply for permission before you can make it.

Before applying for planning permission, you must ensure your project meets the council’s permitted development rules. You can check the regulations for your area by visiting your local council’s website. You’ll also need to get site plans and scale drawings. After you’ve got these, you can begin submitting your application.

A barbecue hut can be made out of many different materials. For example, you may want to consider wood. A good quality wooden BBQ hut can be durable and sturdy. Choose a wood that’s naturally resistant to water and insects. A thick kiln-dried spruce or Nordic pine is an excellent choice.

Another consideration when building a barbecue hut is the foundation. A wooden surface touching the ground is more likely to rot, so it’s essential to ensure it’s anchored firmly. Whether the wood is tanalised or not, it’s necessary to install tongue and groove flooring on bearers placed 400mm apart. This will reduce floor bounce.


When planning to build a barbecue hut, it is essential to check with the local planning authority whether planning permission is required. The size of the BBQ hut will determine the amount of planning permission required, and larger houses will likely require more approval. The local planning authority will have regulations and rules regarding building construction, including those that apply to outstanding natural beauty and conservation areas.

Palmako BBQ Hut is constructed of thick Nordic kiln-dried spruce. It is 44mm wide on all sides and features twin tongue and groove timber walls and roofs. The octagonal shape offers plenty of room for a grill and table, and the hut is delivered untreated for easy maintenance. It features a cylinder lock and two keys for securing the structure. Optional roof shingles can be added to keep the roof dry.

When building a barbecue hut, it is essential to consider the foundation. This is because barbecue huts are typically made of wood, prone to rot, especially when exposed to the ground. Proper treatment can help prevent this problem and help the BBQ hut last for years.

Building a barbecue hut is not an easy task. To complete the project, you must understand construction and woodworking well. A DIY project will allow you to explore design options and learn basic construction techniques. It will also give you the freedom to decide on your BBQ hut’s layout and structural designs.

Barbecue huts are often called grill huts and are a popular outdoor activity in many parts of the world. The first barbecue huts had Scandinavian or Scottish heritage and resembled log cabins. The most recent trend in barbeque hut construction is the self-serve BBQ hut. While it is still considered an outdoor activity, it is suitable for any weather.

Safety precautions

While an octagonal barbecue hut can be a great addition to your garden, there are several safety precautions that you should take. While the grill itself is a fire-resistant structure, some parts of the grill, such as the metal details, can be dangerous. A Kota grill with a chimney needs to be placed at least 50 feet away from the main dwelling.

It’s essential to make sure your BBQ hut has smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors will warn you if any dangerous gases are released. The grill should be placed in an area with good ventilation. Never leave children or pets around a barbecue grill.

If you plan to use your BBQ Hut on a patio, make sure you use a foundation with ventilation holes. This will reduce the amount of smoke emitted from your barbecue and extend the life of the hut. While installing an octagonal barbecue hut, leave enough room for ventilation.

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