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Eurodita Euro68 standard doors

Our standard doors are a testament to the company?s commitment to excellence, offering a comprehensive range of entry solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality and performance.

Each door style within the Euro68 standard range is designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring that whether the focus is on creating a statement entrance with double doors, saving space with sliding doors, or maximising openings with bifold doors, there is a solution that meets those needs. Energy efficiency and security are core to the design across all door types, ensuring that regardless of the choice, homeowners can enjoy peace of mind and the practical and aesthetic benefits.

All Eurodita wooden inner doors are crafted with residential quality in mind, ensuring durability, sound insulation, and a warm, inviting aesthetic that only natural wood can provide. They are built to be not just doors but integral parts of the home’s character.

Single Doors

Customizable Aesthetics:
Single doors offer a classic look that can be tailored to suit any architectural style.

Ideal for smaller entries or tight spaces without compromising style or functionality.

Enhanced Security:
Equipped with robust locking mechanisms for heightened security.

Energy Efficiency:
High-quality seals and insulation properties help maintain indoor temperature and reduce energy costs.

Constructed with premium materials to withstand the elements and frequent use.

Double Doors

Grand Entrance:
Double doors provide a majestic entry point, making a bold statement.

Increased Accessibility:
A more expansive entry space is perfect for moving large items in and out.

Natural Light:
Allows more light to enter the home, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Versatile Design:
Can be designed to match modern or traditional homes.

Strong Insulation:
Double-door sealing effectively keeps out drafts and improves energy efficiency.

Sliding Doors (HS Portal)

Sliding doors require no swing room, saving valuable floor space.

Seamless Transition:
Creates a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Panoramic Views:
Large glass panes offer unobstructed views of the outside.

Modern Look:
Sleek design complements contemporary architectural trends.

Easy Operation:
Glides smoothly on tracks for effortless opening and closing.

Bifold Doors (FS Portal)

Maximized Space:
Fold back to open up an entire wall, perfect for connecting to patios or gardens.

Flexible Configurations:
Can be fully or partially opened to control ventilation and access.

Contemporary Elegance:
Offers a modern and sophisticated look to any structure.

Customizable Panels:
The number of panels can be adjusted to fit various widths.

High Performance:
Combines thermal efficiency with smooth functionality.

Inner Doors

Eurodita wooden inner doors are designed to enhance the interior of any home with their natural warmth and durability. Available in various sizes to suit multiple architectural needs, these doors are crafted from high-quality wood, ensuring aesthetic appeal and long-lasting functionality.

750x1900mm - Compact and Classic

This size is ideal for smaller spaces or rooms needing a compact door. The 750x1900mm wooden door is perfect for integrating into cosy areas like bathrooms, closets, or small bedrooms, offering a classic look without compromising quality.

750x2030mm - Slim Elegance

Taller and slimmer, the 750x2030mm door is designed for homes with higher ceilings, providing an elegant solution without occupying much space. This door is suitable for areas where a sleek, minimalist design is desired, such as home offices or utility rooms.

850x1900mm - Versatile Standard

A versatile option, the 850x1900mm wooden door is a standard size that fits well in most residential settings. It’s ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms, offering a balance between size and practicality, and can easily complement various interior styles.

850x2030mm - Modern Proportions

Reflecting modern architectural trends, the 850x2030mm door provides a slightly more spacious entrance, suitable for contemporary homes. This size works well in main living areas or as an entry to master suites, adding a touch of modernity with its increased height.

900x1900mm - Spacious Accessibility

The 900x1900mm wooden door offers more width, making it more accessible and comfortable for high-traffic areas or spaces that require moving more significant items. It’s an excellent choice for family rooms or more oversized bedrooms, where ease of movement is essential.

900x2030mm - Contemporary and Capacious

This large size door, measuring 900x2030mm, is tailored for modern homes seeking a contemporary and spacious feel. The increased dimensions make it a statement piece, suitable for grand entrances to main living areas or luxury suites.

Inner Door Closed
Inner Door Opened

Outside Doors

At Eurodita, we don't just create doors; we craft gateways to lasting impressions. Elevate your space with our exquisite range of outside doors, meticulously designed to redefine your entrance experience.

850x1900mm - Classic Proportions

The 850x1900mm Euro68 external single door combines elegance with functionality, providing a traditional size that fits most standard entryways. This door is engineered for resilience and thermal efficiency, featuring robust multi-point locking systems for enhanced security. The sleek design and customisable options make it an excellent choice for homeowners looking to add a touch of class to their home’s façade.

850x2030mm - Elevated Elegance

The slightly taller 850x2030mm Euro68 single door accommodates modern structures requiring a more elevated entrance. It retains all the premium features of its counterparts, such as superior energy efficiency and a high-security locking mechanism, while offering additional height for an imposing presence and a grander architectural statement.

900x1900mm - Spacious and Secure

At 900x1900mm, this Euro68 door provides a more spacious entryway, making a welcoming statement. It is crafted with precision to ensure durability against the elements, while its insulating properties are ideal for keeping the home warm and reducing energy bills. The increased width also allows for easier access, making this door a perfect blend of form and function.

900x2030mm - Contemporary Comfort

The 900x2030mm Euro68 door size is a testament to modern design, offering a generous width and height that cater to contemporary building standards. This door is about aesthetics and providing a comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient entrance. The added size does not compromise performance, with each door featuring the signature thermal insulation and security benefits inherent to the Euro68 standard.

1400x1900mm - Grand Double Door Entry

The Eurodita Euro68 1400x1900mm double door is a grand entryway option that balances majestic aesthetics with functional design. It creates an inviting entrance that is both wide and welcoming, suitable for residential and commercial properties. The door’s thermal efficiency is top-notch, designed to keep interiors comfortable irrespective of the weather outside. Security is also a prime feature, with a robust multi-point locking system ensuring a safe and secure environment.

1400x2030mm - Elevated Grandeur

With its impressive dimensions, the Eurodita Euro68 1400x2030mm double door offers an elevated sense of grandeur and openness, making it an ideal choice for modern homes with higher ceilings. The additional height enhances the architectural impact and allows for more natural light to enter the space. Like its counterparts, it is built with energy efficiency in mind, featuring high-quality sealing and insulation properties that help maintain the building’s thermal integrity. The door’s substantial size is matched by its strength, with advanced locking mechanisms providing peace of mind through increased security.

2800x1900mm - Majestic Double Door with Side Windows

The Eurodita Euro68 2800x1900mm double door, accompanied by full-length side windows, is a masterpiece of design and functionality. This configuration creates a striking entrance that is wide and bathed in natural light, thanks to the side windows. It’s perfect for spaces where a grand visual impact is desired. The door ensures excellent thermal efficiency, reducing energy costs while maintaining interior comfort. Security is also a primary focus, with a sturdy frame and multi-point locking system providing robust protection.

2800x2030mm - Luxurious Double Door with Panoramic Side Windows

The larger 2800x2030mm version of the Euro68 double door with side windows offers a luxurious and panoramic entrance solution. The additional height enhances the architectural elegance, making it an excellent choice for modern, high-ceilinged homes or commercial buildings. The full-length side windows invite abundant natural light, creating an airy and welcoming ambience. This door setup doesn?t compromise on functionality; it boasts superior insulation properties and high-end security features and is built to withstand various environmental conditions.

2400x2030mm Bifold Doors with FS Portal - Modern Elegance

The Eurodita Euro68 2400x2030mm bifold doors embody modern elegance and cutting-edge functionality, featuring the FS portal system. This size is meticulously crafted to transform and elevate any space, seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor environments. The bi-fold design allows the doors to fold back completely, creating an expansive opening that enhances the visual appeal and maximizes accessibility and ventilation.

2400x2030mm Sliding Door with HS Portal - Sleek and Functional

The Eurodita Euro68 2400x2030mm sliding door, equipped with the HS portal system, is a perfect amalgamation of sleek design and practical functionality. This size is precisely engineered to provide a smooth, space-saving entry solution, ideal for integrating contemporary aesthetics and maximising the use of space.

Single Full Glass
Single Full Wood
Three Quarter Glazed Door
Double Door Full Glass
Double Door Full Wood
Three Quarter Double Glazed Door
Sliding Doors (HS Portal)
Standard double door with size windows
Bifold Doors (FS Portal)