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Engineered I-Joists Durable Construction Solutions

Prestige LAM by Eurodita: Engineered I-Joists for Advanced Construction

"Prestige LAM by Eurodita" I-Joists, or I-beams, are the embodiment of advanced engineering in wood product manufacturing, designed for the most efficient use of material in light construction frameworks. These composite engineered wood products consist of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) flanges with high-grade P5 particle boards for the web, offering a significant upgrade over traditional C24 sawn wood with superior strength, sustainability, and efficient use of wood biomass.

Technical Advantages:

  • Dimensional Stability: Our I-Joists provide consistent performance with longer spans, reducing the need for intermediate supports and ensuring dimensional integrity.
  • Thermal Efficiency: The design minimizes cold bridges, contributing to the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing heating costs.
  • Adaptability: They are adapted to standard beam heights, ensuring compatibility with a variety of architectural designs.
  • Lightweight: The low weight of these I-Joists makes them easy to handle, process, and install, leading to a decrease in labor costs and project timelines.
  • Convenient Installation: Their structure is very convenient for the installation of engineering systems, providing ample space for utilities without compromising structural integrity.

In light structural buildings, “Prestige LAM by Eurodita” I-Joists are utilized as wall studs, roof rafters, and ceiling beams, suitable for service class 1 and 2 environments. They add strength and rigidity to structures and are easily processed with traditional tools, making them an ideal choice for modern construction needs.

Why Choose “Prestige LAM by Eurodita” for I-Joists?

Choosing “Prestige LAM by Eurodita” means partnering with a leader in engineered wood products. We are dedicated to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, offering I-Joists that are:

  • High in load capacity for heavy-duty performance.
  • Customizable to specific project requirements.
  • Resistant to warping, splitting, and shrinking over time.
  • Versatile for a range of applications, including floors, ceilings, and roofs.
  • Supported by comprehensive technical guidance for optimal utilization.

As a B2B customer, you can rely on “Prestige LAM by Eurodita” for products that are sustainable, efficient, and crafted to the highest standards of excellence. Our I-Joists are a testament to our commitment to providing solutions that enhance the construction industry. Join the multitude of clients who trust “Prestige LAM by Eurodita” to supply the best in engineered wood products. Contact us to discover how our I-Joists can support your next project, with certification and comprehensive technical specifications anticipated in 2023.