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Outdoor or indoor saunas Pros and pros and

The possibility of building a sauna in the same location that you have your cabin an absolute. This is among advantages of having your own log cabin built of glulam that allows you to are closer to outdoors and enjoy the time you spend in a steamy, fragrant room. But, each when a guest is visiting us to purchase house kits, the subject about saunas always comes up. Do they need to advise their client to build a sauna in the outdoors or inside.

Both choices have their respective pros and cons which we will discuss in this blog article. Our opinion will be based on the knowledge we’ve gained over the last 27 years of the construction of houses using glulam. At Eurodita we have developed an extensive network of partner companies across the globe. we can apply this experience to create a house suitable for any climate or location.

Outdoor sauna Pros and cons

When we refer to outdoor sauna We are referring to any structure that is constructed in a different location from the log home and has the goal of being used as sauna. It could be simple huts in squares and BBQ huts as well as timber sauna barrels and the like. The following are advantages of this option:

  1. Flexibility of positioning. Outdoor saunas, as separate structures can be put anywhere. Take our barbecue cabins for an illustration. They are available in any size and be adapted to most places. From tiny to big enough to become their own custom summer homes They can be adapted to any garden or other area.
  2. Nature-friendly. Saunas that are independent can be constructed in close proximity to nature and thus become private paradisaic places. Anyone who enjoys nature and the tranquility of it will be able to appreciate the benefits that outdoor saunas offer. If they are located close to the shoreline of a river, lake or near the woods, or in another area, these types of saunas allow access to nature and give the sense of being with nature.
  3. Beauty and aesthetics. The outdoor sauna can be styled in any manner in shape, size and design that the customer desires. We have a wide range of BBQ saunas, huts, and barrels that you can choose from, and can be customized to suit any customer needs.

In discussing saunas outdoors There are a few disadvantages that your customers should consider when selecting the type of sauna they want:

  1. Difficult installation. It is not necessary to install a sauna that burns wood that requires electricity to heat it. It is likely that the electricity hasn’t been set up at the location you have chosen. Your client or you must choose an electric generator that is portable or bring the power source to the site.
  2. The elements. A sauna that is built outdoors, and without facilities for sleeping could mean your client facing the elements after their sauna session. It’s their responsibility to decide if this is something they’re willing to take on.
  3. Other maintenance. Since the sauna’s outdoor location is exposed to elements of the sun the wind, rain, along with other environmental elements it’ll need additional maintenance. Like glulam log cabins, which need regular staining, and cleaning of both the inside and exterior logs, the same is true for the sauna that is separate.

Indoor sauna Pros and cons

Saunas for indoor use are typically chosen by those who purchase custom-designed cabins made to measure and have space allocated specifically for them. You can order regular log cabins and have enough room for a sauna, however it might be small. However, let’s look at the advantages first:

  1. Simple installation. Since the log home you design comes with electricity and a client won’t have to fret about bringing appliances into the sauna. Additionally, you will have access to an array of heating options available due to the easy access to power.
  2. It is low maintenance. There is no need to take special care of your sauna in the same way that an outdoor saunas will require. The maintenance you do will be limited to the maintenance normally performed for the entire log home.
  3. Convenient location. Since your sauna is located inside the custom log cabin that you have built for your home You won’t have to venture out into the elements each when you wish to spend an hour of warmth and steam. Simply turn on the heat, step into and out.

In reality, an the indoor sauna is an ideal choice for most homeowners of log cabins. However, even so it is true that, just like all things that is built indoor saunas also have some disadvantages which we’ll explore in the next section:

  1. Constrained by the place. Contrary to the possibility of putting the, say, your BBQ hut where the client would like Indoor saunas are limited by place. If you build the sauna in contemporary log home design there are only certain locations that are suitable for the sauna. This is after taking heating and ventilation into account.
  2. Space is limited. Not only the exact area, but your indoor sauna is likely to be smaller than your outdoor one. Since indoors require plenty of space to serve other needs saunas simply can’t expand in the way it should.
  3. No separation. For some customers it is essential to differentiate the different areas of their activities like reading, play, work and the list goes on. Saunas can be added to the list. However, with saunas in the indoor space, this distinction does not exist. Discuss with your client whether this is something they would like to have.

These are the pros and cons with the sauna industry. We leave the decision up to our clients and our partners. However, if you opt for saunas outdoors, be sure to check out our barbecue saunastimber barrel saunas, and sauna pods to see if they are any models that you like. Have fun!

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