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One with nature: how to choose the best outdoor furniture for your log cabin?

Once you have your bespoke residential log cabin built, time comes to decorate the immediate surroundings. Not just the garden and a wooden garage, but also furniture and fences. Because log houses are made of wood, the most common outdoor furniture to compliment these glulam houses are also wooden. Anything made of timber brings the sense of coziness and gives us a chance to be closer to nature. That is why even the most contemporary residential log cabins are built in the old fashioned way. In these log homes, you will rarely find any modern building materials or solutions.

In this post, we at Eurodita would like to share our observations about outdoor furniture fit for any bespoke log cabin homes. We will cover what types of furniture you can buy that are made of wood. Also, we will go through additional outdoor items that can contribute to the overall woodsy feeling.

Wooden furniture 

You have a plethora of choices available to compliment your bespoke timber house. First that comes to mind is log furniture. This will greatly compliment your log house, as well as give it a strong sense of rural nature. You can buy outdoor benches, armchairs, tables and even beds made of logs. While as a style it can be a little brutal, it will surely leave a lasting impression. This type of furniture will also last longer and probably same amount of years as your log home.

Second option that comes to mind is hardwood. There are a great many choices you can make with hardwood planks. You can even match the colour of the furniture to the colour of your bespoke log home by picking the same type of wood for both. For example, if your glulam home kit is made out of Northern pine, like all of ours are, you should search for outdoor furniture made from exactly the same type of wood. This type of furniture will make it look like a set.

Wooden fences 

Another potential compliment to the overall log house look. As protection, fences are very important and should always be erected. However, nothing keeps you from building a fence that compliments in aesthetics and beauty of the landscape. This is where wooden fences are a great pick. Not only does it compliment the usual, rural surroundings of your log home, but it also protects against unwanted visitors. And just like with wooden furniture, fences can be matched with the colour of the log house, based on the type of wood used. Just keep in mind that you will need to reapply the stain regularly to keep the wood from rotting and moulding – just like you would do with your standard log cabin.

Wooden swings and carports 

In addition to your choice of wooden outdoor furniture, you can also liven up your log home kit are wooden swings. It’s a great distraction for kids to play on and can also be transformed into a full playground, with a wooden sandbox and wooden pony rides. Additionally, wooden toys scattered around the yard can add to the overall rustic charm of the log home.

And to finish off, your glulam timber house could use a wooden carport to park the cars under. Not only will it organise your land property into different zones, but it will also protect your vehicles from the elements. The wooden component of carports also contributes to the rustic feel of the property, yet will not overburden the general aesthetic the way a full garage would. It’s overall a good pick when space is an issue or when you’re looking to build additional parking spaces for guest parking near your bespoke log home.

There are so many great wooden furniture choices for your log home. In this day and age, the only constraints you have are financial and space. If you’re handy, you can even build your own outdoor furniture from any type of wood you want. Keep in mind that overall wood theme will make your contemporary log cabin decor cosier, more rustic and pleasant to stay in. Plan your outdoor furniture design ahead of time, select the zones where your furniture of each type will be placed and develop your property well. Good luck!

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