No garage – no problem: an elegant log solution for your carpark

Posted Apr 05, 2020, Category: Advice

With so many families owning minimum of 2 cars, parking can quickly get out of control. A common solution usually is an extension for your house, camping site or other outdoor venue. Car parking doesn’t have to be THAT big of an issue.

For this problem we offer our timber garage solutions. From a small, single car garage, to large, double parking solutions. No need to invest into expensive house extensions or worry about guest parking on your camping lot. We will go through several timber parking solutions so you can have all the information necessary to make the best, eco-friendly choice.

Types of timber garages

There are several types of garages to consider. Based on the amount of cars you need to park, their size becomes the main talking point.

Small log garage – if you’re driving a small city car, this solution might be the best for you. 4.7×5.7m fits most cars with a little bit of room to spare. It’s easily assembled on site and is produced with a simple aesthetic in mind. The compact size for such a building can fit even smaller lots. They can also go well with the overall rustic timber look of your log house or camping pod. This type of garage can also come with a window and different dimensions of 4x6m.

Medium log garage – a larger version of the previous, simple log garage. 6x9m in size, with a little protruding roof over the front gate, this garage is much more practical if rainfall happens often in your area. This garage fits two cars with a little bit of room to spare, but has a single front gate. Timber planks fit well with rustic look of your lot. This type of garage can also come with two front gates and will measure at 6x6m.

Modern double garage – a solution for parking cars separately, yet in the same building. This type of garage comes with two front gates that lead into separate spaces for each car. Perfect if you’re running a camping site and need to facilitate parking cars of two families that don’t know each other. There’s ample space within each parking section to store objects and camping equipment. Each gate can be programmer with separate remote. A great solution for privacy and security without sacrificing the style or funds for expensive buildings.

Two-storey double garage – an extensive parking solution, with a full second floor for storage or living. Stairs on the outer side of the building lead up to the second storey, which also has a double glass window. Two front gates for comfortable access and a large single area for two cars. This two-storey solution can serve as a 2-in-1 glulam log cabin and garage, as well as a great camping site setup.

Log garage cabin – s small parking garage for a single car, with a roof outcropping on its side. A great timber garage pick as as side to your main house, or if you’re looking for a veranda-type space.

Timber carports – a valid option

If your stays are usually not prolonged, or you car is not afraid of the elements, timber carports can also be a valid solution for parking. If you only have one car, a smaller 4.3×6.3m Cardiff style carport would be a great, cost-effective solution for you. Or if you’re running a business, or just own two or more cars, a larger 6.3×5.9m Liverpool style carport might be good for you. It comes with a tall, sloping roof to stop the rain water from accumulating on top.

Maintenance and legal aspects

Any structure, built on the land you own or rent should go through a proper legal council before construction. In most states and countries, you should not face any legal trouble building a carport on your own land. If you’re only building on your own land and it doesn’t occupy more than 50% of that land, you should be good to go. That is true for garages as well. If you’re unsure, consult your municipal unit if you need construction permit.

If you’re planning your garage to be big or even with enough space to house people, you should consult your municipal development office to advise you on necessary permits. Also, if you’re using the garage as a part of the business – a restaurant or a hotel – you should consult your lawyer or real estate agent if you can build additional structures on the lot. Better be safe than sorry.

Lastly, the maintenance of a log garage is not a big deal. As long as you give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish every 2 to 3 years, the wood should stay intact. Carports require even less varnish, but should still be given a fresh coat to stay intact.

Overall, a timber garage is a smart investment. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, doesn’t cost much, doesn’t need complicated building equipment and can reach you almost prefabricated and put together on site. Consider which option is best for you and contact your local producer. Good luck!