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No garage – no problem: an elegant log solution for your carpark – 2

Parking can quickly become a problem for families with at least 2 cars. An extension to your home, campsite or outdoor space is a common solution. Parking is not always an issue.

We offer timber garage solutions to solve this problem. You can have a single-car garage or a large double parking space. There is no need to worry about guests parking on your camping site or spending too much money on house extensions. We’ll go over several options for timber parking so that you can make an informed decision.

Different types of timber garages

There are many types of garages. The garage’s size is determined by how many cars you have to park.

Small log garage – if you’re driving a small city car, this solution might be the best for you. The dimensions of 4.7×5.7m are suitable for most cars, with some room left over. The structure is easy to assemble on-site and has a simple aesthetic. Even smaller lots can be accommodated by its compact dimensions. These can be matched with your camping pod or log house’s rustic timber appearance. You can get this garage with a window, in different sizes (4x6m)

No garage - no problem: an elegant log solution for your carpark

Medium log garage – a larger version of the previous, simple log garage. This garage measures 6x9m and has a slightly protruding roof above the front gate. It is more practical in areas where there is a lot of rainfall. This garage can accommodate two cars, with some room left over, and has one front gate. The rustic appearance of your lot will be enhanced by timber planks. This garage will also include two front gates measuring 6x6m.

No garage - no problem: an elegant log solution for your carparkModern double garage – a solution for parking cars separately, yet in the same building. This garage has two front doors that open to separate parking spaces for each vehicle. This is a great option if you manage a camping site that requires the ability to park cars from two families who don’t know one another. Each parking area has ample storage space to store camping equipment and other items. Each gate can be programmed with a separate remote. This is a great way to protect your privacy and security, without having to compromise the aesthetics or finances of expensive buildings.

No garage - no problem: an elegant log solution for your carpark

Two-storey double garage – an extensive parking solution, with a full second floor for storage or living. The second storey has a double-glazed window and stairs that lead to it from the outside. There are two front gates that provide easy access to the building and one large parking area for up to two cars. This 2-storey design can be used as a garage and log cabin in glulam, or as a camping site.

Log garage cabin – s small parking garage for a single car, with a roof outcropping on its side. This timber garage is a great choice for your main home or for those who want a veranda-type area.

Timber carports are a viable option

No garage - no problem: an elegant log solution for your carpark

Timber carports are a good option for those who have short stays or cars that can withstand the elements. If you only have one car, a smaller 4.3×6.3m Cardiff style carport would be a great, cost-effective solution for you. Or if you’re running a business, or just own two or more cars, a larger 6.3×5.9m Liverpool style carport might be good for you. The roof is tall and sloped to prevent rain water from collecting on the top.

Legal and maintenance

Before any structure is built on land that you own or rent, it should be reviewed by a competent legal council. You should not have to worry about legal issues building a carport in your own backyard. You should be able to build a carport on your land if it does not occupy more that 50%. This is also true for garages. If you’re unsure, consult your municipal unit if you need construction permit.

Your municipal development office will be able to help you with permits if your garage is large or has enough space for people. If you plan to use the garage for a business, such as a restaurant or hotel, you will need to consult your lawyer or realty agent about whether additional structures can be built on the lot. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Finally, maintaining a log garage is easy. The wood will remain intact as long as it is given a coat of varnish or paint every 2 to 3 year. Carports need less varnish but still require a new coat.

A timber garage is a wise investment. A timber garage is easy to maintain, cost-effective, requires little maintenance, and can be delivered almost ready-to-assemble on your site. Contact your local producer to determine which option is right for you. Good luck!

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