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Eurodita Euro68 standard windows represent a pinnacle in window design. Crafted with a resounding 68mm IV profile system, these windows offer robust insulation and structural integrity, ideal for modern construction.

The heart of the Euro68’s performance lies in its 24mm double glazing, expertly assembled with two 4mm layers of glass, separated by a 16mm argon gas-filled space, and featuring a low-emissivity coating. This sophisticated arrangement achieves an impressive U-value of 1.1, ensuring maximum thermal retention and soundproofing capabilities, essential for residential and commercial settings.

Sealing the deal, literally, is the transparent silicone glass sealing, providing a weather-tight barrier against the elements, while the sash profile and water bar work in concert to prevent water ingress, preserving the window’s integrity over time.

Pine scantlings not only lend a timeless charm to the window’s appearance but also guarantee durability through the natural strength of pine wood. Security is not taken lightly; including a multi-point locking system means peace of mind is built-in, securing the premises with locks at several points along the sash.

The Euro68 window is a testament to Eurodita commitment to providing superior quality windows making them a wise investment for those seeking to enhance their building projects with the best of functionality and design.

Single Windows

Each size of the Eurodita Euro68 standard single window brings its unique advantages to a building project, ensuring that whether the priority is maximising light, enjoying views, fitting into compact spaces, or enhancing security and energy efficiency, there is a size to meet those needs.

580x580mm - Compact Elegance

The smallest in the range, this 580x580mm window is perfect for areas where space is at a premium but natural light and ventilation are desired. It offers the same energy efficiency and security features as its larger counterparts, providing a cosy and secure solution for small bathrooms, basements, or attics.

700x860mm - Versatile Functionality

At 700x860mm, this window size is versatile enough for use in various rooms, including kitchens and bathrooms. It allows ample natural light while maintaining a compact footprint. Its multi-point locking system ensures security, and the double glazing keeps the heat in and the noise out, making for a comfortable and quiet interior space.

700x990mm - Balanced Proportions

The 700x990mm window balances size and functionality, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms and living spaces. The enhanced glazing technology ensures excellent thermal performance, significantly reducing heating costs, while the twin rubber seals provide an extra layer of insulation against the elements.

700x1510mm - Slim and Tall

This tall, slim window, measuring 700x1510mm, is designed to add elegance to any space, providing a sleek look while allowing for more natural light. The window’s height makes it a perfect match for stairwells or high-ceiling rooms where light can be maximised without compromising wall space for furniture or artwork.

700x1770mm - Full-Length Feature

The 700x1770mm size is close to a full-length window, ideal for dining areas or main living spaces where a view to the outside is as important as the light it brings in. Its large pane enhances the aesthetic appeal and delivers on the promise of energy efficiency, with the low-emissivity coating minimizing heat loss.

Letter Style Window 1200x600mm - Wide Panorama

The letter style window, at 1200x600mm, offers a panoramic view in a horizontal format. It’s particularly suitable for spaces above kitchen counters or to accentuate a room where horizontal lines dominate the design. This window combines the functionality of oversized windows with the unique style and increased visibility of the outdoors.

Double Windows

Each double window size in the Eurodita Euro68 range offers the convenience of a tilt-and-turn opening system, allowing for flexible ventilation and ease of access. The larger dimensions of these double windows provide broader views and higher levels of natural light, enhancing the living experience while maintaining high standards of energy efficiency, security, and overall performance.

1330x860mm - Dual-Opening Versatility

The 1330x860mm double window perfectly blends functionality and design. Its dual-opening mechanism allows for easy ventilation with a tilt function, or full access with a turn option, making it a versatile choice for living rooms and offices alike. The size offers substantial light entry, and the tilt-and-turn operation’s practicality enhances ease of use and cleaning.

1330x990mm - Spacious and Secure

This larger 1330x990mm window size is designed for spaces where maximizing light and air circulation is critical. The tilt-and-turn functionality ensures that you can enjoy a breeze without opening the window entirely, offering security and safety, especially for families with young children or pets. The multi-point locking system adds an extra layer of security, making this size ideal for ground-floor installations and accessible areas.

1330x1510mm - Elegant and Efficient

With dimensions of 1330x1510mm, this double window is both elegant and energy-efficient. The ample glass area provides a clear view of the outdoors and allows for significant natural light to enhance the interior ambience. The tilt-and-turn feature offers flexible ventilation options, while the advanced sealing technology ensures that the window remains weatherproof and insulative, contributing to energy savings in the home.

1330x1770mm - Panoramic Comfort

The 1330x1770mm is a generously sized window that brings the outdoors in with its expansive glass pane, making it perfect for main living areas and master bedrooms. The tilt function allows for secure aeration, while the turn function facilitates a whole opening, ideal for enjoying more extensive views and engaging with the outside environment. This size also creates a seamless indoor-outdoor transition in dining areas or sunrooms.