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My colour palette: What kind of paint would be the best to paint your cabin?

A lot more often than before the new Log cabin, or home with glulam label will be built on your property in its wooded, basic condition. From this point on you’ll have to decide whether your supplier of log homes will finish the paint after the construction is completed, or if you need to complete the work yourself.

Whatever the case it is, there are some things to know about paint, the different types and layers, how to apply them and the like. In this article we will look at various types of paint to ensure that the choice you make is as accurate as it can be.

Wood type and primer

Before applying any type of paint on your new log cabin, the first layer must always be an primer. It is a layer of protection that protects the wood from rot, moisture and mould. It also enlarges the wood, making it more resistant to natural elements. They also assist in helping the paint used over them to last for a longer time without cracking or fading. A majority of the traditional primers are made of oil, since they are believed to be more durable however, there are water-based alternatives. Typically, the kind of primer is used to other paints such as, for instance when you are using an oil-based primer the paint needs to be oil-based, too.

What is the primary factor that determines the kind of primer you use to build your home made of logs. The kind of primer required for complete logs is different than glulam planks and simple planks. Consult with your local paint and primer supplier the type of primer you require depending on the log home’s design.

Paint types

First coat – an extremely crucial step after applying the primer. First coat is a particular kind of paint that strengthens the material that your cabin is made from and also helps preserve the colour of the final paint that is applied after. The hue of the first coat is determined by the color you want to use for the log cabin. If your log home or pod cabin is lighter in hue, then the first coat will need to be lighter, too. If you’ve picked dark colours, the first coat needs to be selected in line with the chosen colour.

Finishing coats – each shade of paint in the palette is a finishing coat which hardens the wood and creates a distinctive shade. The shades are applied after the primer and the first coats are placed. This is the case in the case of a brand new log cabin However, if the timber has been previously painted and the previous paint layers are still in place, they should be cleaned out prior to applying the final coat. The coatings are also available in different types that we’ll go through in the following article.

Gloss and Satin – the type of paint that has an high shine. Most often used for purpose of interior design, however lately, it is becoming popular in exterior painting too. It is best suited for wooden or metal surfaces. It can reflect lots of light, which makes it appear more polished. Satin-types are also gaining acceptance as an alternate to the full-gloss. They’re softer in sparkle and can be used for outdoor painting tasks.

Flat paint is a paint with a matte finish, which is usually efficient in protecting the wood from mould and moisture. A great choice for damp climates. It is often used to paint decals of joints, or interlocking corners, in which mould and moisture can collect. Also, it can be used to paint interior surfaces. Certain manufacturers include vinyl as a paint component to make it more durable.

Eggshell is a highly sought-after kind of paint with an ethereal sheen. The sheen is often similar to an eggshell in that it’s not particularly glossy nor completely matte . This is how the paint gets its name. Its usage is universal. This type of paint is employed both on both sides of the log house. The particular sheen of paint is dependent on the paint manufacturer and may vary in terms of gloss and matte.

Specialty Paints

Today, glulam log homes and modern log cabins are quite spacious and include a variety of rooms with different functions. In these rooms, special paints will do the best job as they’re made specifically with the goal in your mind.

Kitchen and bathroom paints are subject to more moisture than other. That’s why the paints specifically specially designed for these rooms are so effective at protecting wood from water damage and mould. Anywhere you intend to utilize the most amount of water, a special water-resistant paint is the ideal choice.

floor paint. This type of paint is used to make concrete or floorboards more hard to withstand the rigors of foot traffic. Floorboards aren’t unlike outside glulam planks in that they’ll require an initial coat of primer prior to. If you intend painting concrete flooring first you’ll need to have the concrete to cure before applying any kind of paint.

Metal paint – If you have metallic features in your cabin, a special paints for metal are an excellent option to think about. Particularly on outdoor decals, the paint stops rust and shields metallic objects from the elements.

If you’re thinking of painting the whole log cabin or the build a modular home yourself check with your paint dealer prior to purchasing any paint. There are a lot of factors to think about and you must select one that’s right for you. Have fun!

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