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Methods to make a log house more sustainable

The team at Eurodita always keep an eye on the market and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. In the the glulam construction marketplace, and in any real estate market for that matter environmental sustainability is growing. This is something we frequently talk about with our log-home supplier customers. We’re constantly striving for improvement in our manufacturing process for log homes and we’re always seeking the most effective advice to share with our partners to ensure they stay at the forefront of technology.

In this blog in this blog post, we will present our knowledge of the market for log homes, and how eco-friendly is becoming a crucial factor in the smallest of homes. We will also go through different options we can offer our partners to assist their customers, in order to stay on top of the trend of eco-friendly living: we will discuss the different ways a log house could be transformed into a greener one.

Green energy service

All of it begins and is finished with energy. Log cabins of all types can be connected to with green energy. Your clients can find local companies who will pay a modest fee to gradually transfer your customers’ private label homes to renewable energy sources that are environmentally friendly. This means that a portion of their energy consumption will be being generated by wind turbines, solar farms and other sources to help keep the environment free of pollutants.

Solar panels for power

Another way to encourage your clients to embrace green energy is to suggest the installation of solar panels in their custom log cabins. This will not only provide an alternative to conventional energy sources, but it will also assist your customers who have remote log cabins that are crafted to be energy-free. The majority of people utilize solar energy in the evening or for storage of energy to use later. Solar panels are typically connected to batteries for energy that can be put in your clients’ custom timber homes. This will be where energy storage is it is needed. One drawback to solar panels is that there is a limit to the capacity of electricity that could be stored by these batteries.

Curtains to save energy

In the process of removing energy sources Energy saving is the next trend. Curtains that conserve energy are the least expensive and most effective way to be green. Be sure that your customers are aware about them and put these curtains on any windows of their customized log homes. While glulam log homes built by us don’t have to deal with leaks of heat because of double-glazed doors and windows however, the system is not completely perfect. Curtains that are energy efficient will hold the heat in the home in the winter months and keep cool air in during the summer, especially even when your air conditioning is in operation.

Heating floor

The majority of the loss of heat actually is in the flooring. This is the case with the majority of modern log cabins as well as homes. The installation of a ground heating system will allow your customers to retain more heat and use less energy. Furthermore the heating will be distributed evenly across the custom log homes of your customers. This can help to reduce humidity that can result in damage to your glulam beams with time. It’s an investment with many advantages for the protection of log structures in addition to energy savings.

Rainwater can be captured

It is not difficult to put in pipes that lead down from the drainage area on the roof to the Cistern. There are cisterns that clean the rainwater once it has stored and are utilized to clean glulam beams on homes. This kind of system could cost between $2,000 and $4,000. However, if your client looking for a more affordable way to conserve water, a standard barrel could cost as much as $100. However, sanitizing the water will continue to be required. In addition, rainwater can be used to water plants during dry times. Naturally, your standard advice to your customers should be to reduce water usage by taking shorter showers and avoiding leaving the shower in the shower all day. Small steps can are a great way to sustainable living.

Harness hydropower

A few glulam timber frame homes are constructed near the source of water: rivers, streams or a lake. What they are most likely to make use of is the possibility of hydropower. It’s surprisingly simple to harness: a simple installation of an underwater mill ensures that the log house is running at all times. This is a type of power which is usually ignored and is quite green for small-scale projects like this, it won’t disturb the ecosystems of water.

The market for log cabins becomes increasingly competitive, we suppliers should stay ahead of the curve. Green advice, or services that are offered in conjunction with the construction of glulam houses could be a change-maker for your company. It’s the newest fashion in the world of real estate, however it has a positive impact. Keep up with it and you’ll stay ahead of the curve. If you’re trying to find an expert log home builder you can trust to design a custom-designed roof to accommodate solar panels, take a look at the details of our Partnership Program and get in touch with us for more details. We wish you the best of luck!

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