Log Cabins in Yorkshire Dales

Posted May 27, 2021

If you love the outdoors, log cabins in Yorkshire are a fantastic place to stay during your holiday in this corner of the United Kingdom. They put on sweeping pasture or farm Blanketed dale high above the traditional rolling dales, so you will never be short of spots for that next exciting adventure. The landscape of Yorkshire is full of mountains, hills, rivers, Moors and beaches, as well as quaint small towns. You may even have heard of the famous Winter Gardens – but don’t be fooled – these gardens are more than just pretty landscape features. They have a long history that dates back to the Middle Ages.

log cabins in yorkshire

In the early Middle Ages, the country was divided into what we now know of as the West Yorkshire and the East Riding. To the West, the landscape was dominated by flat, grassy Moors. To the East, there were vast, unbroken sloping fields with salt pans and mineral springs in some areas. It was from this fertile area of the east, that the beginning of the hot tub Yorkshire theme park began.

Although the beginning of the popular theme park took place in the east, it has slowly spread out to the west, where more log cabins are being built. More people are discovering that they can enjoy all of the attractions of a theme park, whilst living the peaceful life of a rural life – and log cabins in Yorkshire are just perfect for this. As, well as the great outdoors, you get the beautiful, welcoming environment of a small town. It is no wonder that the popularity of log cabins in Yorkshire are growing at such an amazing rate!

One of the best things about a Yorkshire Riding holiday is that, because it is so close to the tourist destinations, you get the chance to soak up the culture and scenery. If you like the idea of a log cabin in Yorkshire then you should think about staying in one on your holiday. Just think about it…you are close to the famous York Castle, the famous Threave Gardens, the stunning Polderswott Waterfall and of course, the world famous Yorkshire Dales National Park. You could say that you have come to the right theme park! A Yorkshire Cabin Holiday would allow you to experience all that the park has to offer. You can find many different kinds of cabin available, from farmhouse style cabins to luxurious five bedroom modern units.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is ideal for those of you who like hiking and outdoor pursuits. There are all kinds of wildlife, from deer to elk and wild boar. If you like the idea of exploring the countryside, then you will be in heaven here. For lodges in the Yorkshire Dales you will find both cosy log cabins and modern lodge and caravan type lodges, catering for all types of holiday makers.

If you love the idea of a luxury weekend break, but also want to stay close to the attractions of the North York Moors, you will not be disappointed. The beautiful York Castle is just an hour’s train ride away from most of the North York Moors attractions. There are also several good bars, restaurants and other nightlife venues in the area. So if you love to spend time in the countryside and the coast, you will find a whole range of accommodation options here in the North York Moors for you.

Of course, if you love the idea of spending time in the outdoor hot tub, there are a whole range of lodges in the Yorkshire Dales region. The Yorkshire Dales National Park has a fantastic selection of luxury cabins and self-catering cottages. For those who prefer a more rustic feel, the Blyde Country Park offers some beautiful farmhouses and farm buildings. You may even be lucky enough to come across one of the old-fashioned English country homes that are still standing in this lovely region of north Yorkshire. These are some of the best lodges in the area, offering everything from luxury cabins to traditional cottages.

Whether it is the thought of some fresh air and sunlight or the chance of slipping into your comfortable bed at night, you will find a log cabin in Yorkshire Dales is the perfect getaway. This part of the world is ideal for anyone who enjoys spending time in the outdoors, with all the natural beauty that comes with it. So next time you think about relaxing in the countryside of England, don’t forget to consider a trip to the beautiful county of North York Moors. You will have so much to enjoy!