Log Cabin Schoolhouses:

Posted Feb 26, 2020, Category: Cabin production

Many schools across the world face the same tough challenges. On the one hand, society asks the school to be the dream institution where children are involved in as many activities as possible, both during class-time and after-class. Aside from human resources, this also requires extra building capacity. On the other hand, however, in every country the problem is the same: the funding of the school-system is insufficient.

Log Cabin Schoolhouses:

Faced with this challenge, the schools are looking for cheap and green alternatives to the costly and lengthy construction of new modular buildings. We came up with a solution. The name of the solution is Eurodita Log Cabin Schoolhouse.

Key Characteristics

Our eco-friendly timber cabins are real life-savers for schools. Depending on particular needs, Eurodita offers bespoke design schoolhouses to fit a range of purposes, and the capacity to house different numbers of children.


Our most popular standard model is three room energy-efficient log cabin that can easily house up to 24 children. This is ideal for organizing three different after-class activities at the same time.

School principals across Europe and beyond are discovering the log cabin schoolhouses as a cost-effective solution and a way to keep their after-school clubs alive. Other schools utilize the log cabins as cozy and natural settings for the cafeteria.

What’s more, the eco-friendly log cabins are fully compatible with green energy solutions: solar panels, air to water heat pumps, and extra insulation.

Building Permit? No Problem

When smart dealers approach us to inquire about this product, they are usually worried whether the schools will be granted full building control and planning approval from the public regulators. With Eurodita, they need worry no more.


Our experienced team of legal and engineering professionals makes sure that every project is synchronized with country-specific building requirements. And we take full responsibility for all the engineering and design work.

Important Notice: At Eurodita, we only work with dealers, wholesalers and retailers. If you are a representative of the school, please contact us and we will direct you to a dealer of our log cabin schoolhouses in your vicinity.