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Log cabin production: Know it all before you go green – 2

Each log home supplier uses different production methods. We would like to show you how Eurodita does things. We’ll discuss the technologies and materials we use. We will discuss the differences between standard and bespoke log cabin manufacturing. Last, we’ll discuss the challenges faced by producers.

Technology and materials

A good plan is essential before we start any project. Our software capabilities allow us to create 3D models of all buildings in our collection or build completely new options. This is possible with HSB Cad, an AutoCAD-based program that integrates directly with our cutting machines. It can quickly provide information to the production floor. We also have a custom-built software platform that allows us to quickly send offers to our partners. We use this platform to ensure that our clients and partners can communicate quickly with each other using clear visuals, consistent text, and fast information exchanges.

We prefer the Northern pine as our preferred material. It is a strong tree and much more beautiful than its southern cousins. It is slower growing and has less resin which gives it its unique colour. We make timber logs from these strong trees. They are then cut to the required length and width depending on what project we’re working with. They are left to dry for between 4 and 6 days, until the humidity drops to 14-16%. Low humidity ensures that the timber does not rot or mold, making this an integral step in building a durable, long-lasting hut.

The timber logs lose some of their moisture and size. After drying, we cut interlocking connections and polished the logs to their final size. These connections make each building’s corners strong and durable and can withstand the test time.

Timber logs can either be left as is or glue-treated during the final stages. This results in glue laminated logs (or glulam) that adds strength to the log home. Prefere glue is a 100% environmentally-friendly product, which has been certified under the ISO 14001 environmental standard. This glue is strong and can be used to reinforce interlocking connections or lamination.

Standard production

Our production was based on the construction of standard-issue log homes and huts for a long time. This has been a proven method in the industry for 10 to 15 years. We still offer standard log homes, which we can produce in large quantities and make minimal modifications to meet the needs of our customers. We can make the house look more appealing by adding insulation or piping. Each contemporary log home design is unique and can be modified depending on climate, location, and purpose. However, the overall architecture and frame will remain the same.

Now we offer high quality BBQ hut designs, strong and cozy camping pods, carports and garden rooms. Each one can be modified to meet the client’s needs. An offer is made in five minutes for standard options. All you have to do to set a price.

Bespoke production

Log homes have changed with the introduction of new generations. There was a growing demand for bespoke, individual solutions. Log homes allow buyers to express their individuality and personality through them.

We are ready and available to serve this growing trend of log cabin homes. In our current selection, we already have a number of great models that can sate even the pickiest client. We are also available to create a completely new design if our current log home designs do not suffice. Our modern residential log cabins are also flexible enough to be altered or built completely from scratch. Same goes for all models of our log garages – their size and structure can be adapted depending on the number of cars families own.

Each production type presents its own unique challenges. It could be the pine sourcing problem for large projects. Our production capabilities can be limited if we have too many offers. We are determined to meet all your needs to provide you with the best offer.

We encourage you offer bespoke solutions to your clients that can be tailored to their needs. This is the log building of the future. We are fully committed to fulfilling the wildest dreams of your clients. From the initial sales pitch to the final delivery, we are there to help and support you.

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