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Log cabin porches

Porches are an ideal way to extend the living area of your log cabin. Not only do they provide access to nature, but they can also increase your home’s resale value.

Porches can be an ideal location to entertain guests. Whether it’s covered or open, you have the freedom to add all kinds of design elements and make the most out of this outdoor living space in your log cabin.


Porches are an excellent way to extend the outdoor living space of a log cabin. From where you sit to take in views and cook dinners, porches add an air of completeness that gives off a rustic charm.

One popular porch design for log cabins is the wraparound porch. This style can be covered or uncovered, and is a favorite among many log cabin owners.

Another popular porch design among log cabin owners is a half round porch. This style features railing on either side of the stairs, along with extensions that can be used as shelves. This unique and creative idea adds extra charm to your log home.

Some homeowners opt for circular or curved staircases in their log home, which save space and make the stairs more appealing. Circular stairs are especially helpful for smaller houses since they can fit into tight spots.

Other staircase options include L-shaped steps and spiral staircases. These can be utilized in log cabins with lofts or other difficult-to-reach spaces that require extra effort from the main floor.

Keuka Studios designed the cable railing system for this Montana log cabin’s deck to match its natural exterior. The curved posts complement the concrete logs perfectly, while stainless steel cables keep the view open while adding a contemporary flair.

This home’s stone work around the foundation and railing add to the rustic charm of its log construction. By opting for stone instead of concrete, they were able to preserve the rustic aesthetic while still providing modern amenities.

Finally, some people prefer a classic log home staircase with wood top rail. This type of staircase is an iconic choice for log homes and you can easily find one to match your home’s exterior decor.

A handcrafted log railing is an eye-catching and unique way to add a finishing touch to your cabin’s exterior. Not only does it give off a polished and professional vibe, but it also provides extra security as you ascend the steps.


Windowes in log cabin porches bring natural beauty and light into the exterior, offering views of nature as well as a place to gather with friends and family for some relaxing enjoyment.

Many homeowners adore the rustic charm of a log cabin with large windows and doors. Many find that log homes are warm to touch even in cold weather due to a natural property of wood called “thermal mass,” which allows walls to absorb energy then radiate it back into their interior for comfortable temperatures all year long.

Window placement on log cabin porches can be a tricky issue. Often, windows are located adjacent to the front door, creating the impression of an annexed portion of the house. That is why it is essential to take into account both the size of the porch relative to its log cabin counterpart and what type of roof system it has.

Another way to incorporate windows in your log cabin porch is by using screens. Screens prevent insects and debris from entering the porch while still allowing you to enjoy the view of nature outdoors.

Other choices for windows in log cabin porches include vista glass. This option provides an incredible view of the outdoors and is often found in many mountain cabins.

A window that overlooks a lake or forest is an aesthetically pleasing feature of your log cabin. Not only does it add extra light, but it can make the inside seem bigger than it actually is by bringing in more daylight and inviting nature in.

Finding the ideal window for your log cabin can be daunting, but it’s worth all the effort. Ask your Gastineau Log Homes representative for suggestions on what kind of windows would fit best in your abode.

Extending windows to your cabin can add value to your property and provide more outdoor enjoyment. When planning this project, take into account your budget and how much extra money you want to invest; this way, you can stay within budget while still getting all of the desired improvements from your log cabin.


A porch in a log cabin home serves as an informal gathering spot and extra living area. To ensure guests enjoy it as much as the family does, furniture should be both comfortable and stylish, matching the overall decor of the house.

What type of furniture you need depends on how you plan to utilize your porch and patio. For instance, if you are entertaining guests or having a backyard party, then you will require a dining set that can accommodate everyone in attendance. You may also require some couches and chairs for relaxing purposes.

Outdoor cabin patio furniture comes in a range of styles, from rustic to contemporary. Choose furniture made of weather-resistant materials like POLYWOOD lumber that can withstand the elements. Additionally, there are patio sets available in various colors that will complement your log cabin house perfectly.

You can further spruce up your porch with natural elements like vases, pottery, clay pots, baskets and more to give it a rustic charm. Doing so will add an air of serenity and harmony to the ambience created in your log cabin.

For a romantic, cozy feel on your porch, opt for upholstery in soft neutral colors like tan or brown. This will provide you with an inviting spot to sit back, unwind and watch the world go by.

According to your budget, you can purchase authentic vintage pieces or upcycle existing materials and items. This way, you can breathe new life into your log cabin house while saving money while creating a stunning and unique interior design.

Rustic log cabin furniture and decor is a popular style in home decorating today. This look features natural color schemes, earth tones, along with wood, stone, metal and glass accents.

Your cabin’s decor should incorporate as many natural elements as possible, including fabrics made of wool, cork or burlap.


One of the best ways to spruce up your log cabin porch is by adding lighting. Not only does this create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests, but it also offers extra safety when the sun goes down.

When selecting lighting for your home, keep in mind the overall style and interior design aesthetic. Doing this will enable you to find fixtures that suit both your needs and budget.

For instance, if your front porch has a roof, consider installing ceiling-mounted light fixtures to brighten the space and enhance the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, for a more organic feel, go with a flush-mounted fixture.

Sconces are another popular option for lighting a log cabin porch. These fixtures come in various styles and can be used to illuminate small areas as well as entire nooks. Plus, you can set the mood with these fixtures by matching them to your home’s theme.

A recessed light or pendant light is an ideal choice for a log cabin porch. These come in various shapes and styles, with the ability to direct light precisely where needed.

These lights are an excellent way to give your porch some personality, and they can be paired with a variety of furniture and accessories. Furthermore, this style of illumination helps bring out the stunning beauty of wood in your home.

When selecting lighting for a log cabin, take into account how the room will be used. For instance, soft lighting might be ideal in the living room while brighter illumination would serve better in the bedroom.

Kitchens require both task and ambient lighting, so a combination of recessed lights and wall sconces will do just fine.

For a more dramatic focal point in your outdoor living area, consider adding a chandelier. These fixtures come in an array of styles and can be constructed from various materials like faux wood.