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Log cabin marketing: know your audience and your capabilities

Being in business for 27 years, we at Eurodita have accumulated a lot of knowledge and understanding of the log cabin market. While our own marketing efforts revolve largely around reaching distributors, supermarkets, architects, recreation industry and more, our partners focus on finding the final customer. This is where our private label strategy has paid off, in a sense that instead of investing vast sums into production, our partners can now direct their efforts into finding right customers and target groups that would be invested in buying the right types of timber structures.

In this post, we would like to share some small insights we have gathered over the years about different segments of the market and customers that are worth targeting. We will cover the change in generations and new demands of the millennial customer. We will also share which product categories are worth considering for each customer segment.

Supermarkets and distributors

These are companies that prefer buying in medium to large quantities. Customers of supermarkets are largely end customers, but none of them expect to find full log homes displayed on the shelf. Rather, they are looking for affordable garden sheds and garden rooms. End customers like these also expect to get their product fast and delivered to their homes. This is especially popular in the United Kingdom, where large portions of the population still own sizeable back yards.

Distributors can also offer fast and affordable garden sheds. However, some of the act as resellers and supply other sales companies – a B2B sales format. This allows distributors to offer more choice, because their customers can also vary in size and market segment. So for, distributors, we would recommend to keep a varied portfolio and address all of their customers, current or potential. All our standard log cabins, glulam beam houses, custom mobile homes and so on can find be an advantageous option for a distributor. Here we suggest to crunch some numbers and focus on their best-sellers, while keeping rarer offers open.

Architects, designers and project managers

These are the partners that order bespoke options most often. Their end customer, and the ones they should really focus on, are clients that are looking for individuality. Here, marketing efforts should also be turned towards the millennial generation, since they are the ones that are looking for personal touches the most. Our production is capable of creating new and wonderful designs, all based on sketches and desired final looks. For these companies, we also prepare the most detailed offers, with 3D renditions of the final product, created in our software. We put their own branding on offers, which speeds up the sales process. That is another thing their clients demand – speed. Quick order and project process, as hassle-free as possible. With Eurodita as their production partner, these companies can be sure we will help them in every step of the way.

Recreation and residential segment

Much like supermarkets, these partners tend to order in bulk. The recreational clients are special, since they only come to stay for a short time, but require quality and comfort. We cater to these partners by providing all-inclusive glamping pods, that have furniture and electric wiring included into them. With demanding holiday makers, the focus should be on the inclusivity of the package that their guests will receive and their supplier – us in this case – can deliver.

By residential segment here we mean the mobile home park owners. Their customers are often looking for a best price and quality ratio and find them in the mobile homes. Our bespoke mobile homes are housing hundreds of happy residents now, because our partners chose to offer quality and the coziness of a purely wooden structure. These partners focus on advertising the benefits of economy option that are the mobile homes. We can supply individual options in size and planning of the mobile home, as well as delivery if necessary.

Production capabilities

Eurodita is proud to say that we have vast production capabilities. There are good reasons as to why a 100% of our partners saw increases in profits in first months working with us. However, we keep our partners informed about busy seasons and try and successfully develop an understanding throughout our long-term cooperation. With our partners, we share insights, new designs, offers and more.  We invest in our partners and work with them to achieve the best result, for them and their clients.

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