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Your furniture might seem comfortable, but it could actually be overwhelming you. That three-seat couch and that massive entertainment center could be harboring dust mites, pet dander and excess clutter that’s only making matters worse.

Be ruthless about getting rid of unnecessary clutter! Consider multifunctional pieces and light, airy hues to help open up your room and make it appear larger.

Floor plan

As whether it be by choice or necessity, living small can feel confining and uncomfortable. But there are numerous strategies for making small spaces more accommodating and appealing – from eliminating unnecessary furniture pieces and using multipurpose pieces, keeping colors light and airy, and turning unused corners into storage solutions.

Once you take a closer look at our Eurodita timber mobile home’s floor plan, it becomes apparent that it is quite spacious for its size. There is a spacious master bedroom, an open living room/kitchen area and plenty of storage throughout both bathrooms and the home.

Eurodita’s timber cabins are constructed to the highest standards. Their fine engineering produces log homes, annexes, and pods that are easy to transport; weatherproofed; durable; easily meets local building compliances; popular among cabin owners, campsites, industrial and construction sites for short-term accommodation purposes – plus can even be easily reconverted into long-term use when needed – providing affordable yet comfortable short-term accommodations solutions for cabin owners, campsites or construction sites alike. These portable buildings make an attractive option among cabin owners looking for short-term accommodations solutions!

Living area

Eurodita log cabins are constructed using only premium Nordic wood that has been FSC-certified, making their glulam structures eco-friendly and equipped to withstand rough climate conditions. Furthermore, their prefabricated structures are stronger than traditional wooden cottages and easier to transport over long distances.

Eurodita uses highly automated processes and computerized controls in its manufacturing process to produce high-quality products, which has resulted in their mobile cabins becoming incredibly popular as temporary accommodation on industrial construction sites, event management landscapes, rental/sublet accommodations as well as for sustainability reasons and simpler housing compliance regulations.

Established in 1994, this Lithuanian manufacturer stands by their belief that client experiences should be tailored specifically for each individual client. Therefore, they offer an assortment of private label options including log cabins, glulam log cabins and houses, garden sheds, barbecue huts, camping pods, carports made of timber as well as affordable carport solutions. Their affordable bespoke options enable more people in the UK to access high-quality mobile cabin solutions.


Champion Home’s mobile home stands out from our list with its luxury features that set it apart. The master bedroom can be closed off from living and dining areas for added privacy; additionally, there’s a den that makes an excellent spot for family movie and game night gatherings.

Champion Boxwood model homes were specifically created with smaller families in mind, offering both privacy and open living space with two bedrooms and an open layout. Each bedroom comes equipped with its own full bath that connects directly to their bedroom while one bedroom shares one full bath with the living area area.

Eurodita timber log cabins are lightweight and designed to be easily transported, meeting housing compliance regulations. Based in Lithuania, Eurodita uses FSC certified Nordic wood to craft environmentally-friendly glulam log cabins which are durable, strong and have longer lifespans compared to other forms of cabins.


Eurodita has earned a name for themselves as manufacturers of top-quality wooden structures, such as log cabins and timber structures made with Nordic wood that is both rot proof and environmentally-friendly. Their supply chain runs smoothly and they’re committed to developing long-term commercial relationships with wholesale dealers.

The company’s glulam construction process produces durable, lightweight and eco-friendly cabins that are easy to transport over long distances and suitable for rough weather conditions. Furthermore, they can serve as offices or living quarters for family members or guests.

Established in 1994, this Lithuania-based company offers a range of log houses, Laminated Log Houses and Garden Summer Houses that meet customers’ individual needs and preferences. Their emphasis on quality means they strive to offer personalized customer experiences with competitive prices, services and support for each purchase. In addition to their wide product offerings, they also offer customized designs so you can have exactly what you want in a wooden mobile home – enabling them to help create the home that perfectly complements both style and budget needs.


No matter if it’s for lifestyle reasons or financial necessity, even small rooms can still feel cozy, functional and visually appealing with careful planning. Minimalist decor, furniture with built-in storage solutions and kitchens featuring hidden drawers under countertops help to create a tidy aesthetic while floating shelves work well in these tight spaces to store sweaters, books, towels or blankets.

If your room has become overrun with unnecessary furniture, begin by clearing away items you no longer use or require. That couch may look inviting but is collecting dust mites and pet dander while taking up valuable floor space.

Eurodita’s mobile cabins provide short-term accommodation solutions in industrial, construction and outdoor event management environments. Their skilled engineering creates lightweight yet sturdy outhouses, annexes and pods which are easy to move using standard hauling methods; their cabins use rot-proof glulam timber which lasts longer. Furthermore, Eurodita offers smart dealer programs and cultivates long-term commercial relationships.

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