Eurodita Two Floor Log house Nicolas, 70mm

Eurodita Two Floor Log house Nicolas, 70mm

寸法 8450mm x 7600mm
壁の厚さ。 七十ミリ
床板です。 28mm
屋根板。 19mm
リッジの高さ。 5720mm
サイドウォールの高さ。 4420mm


  • Residential type, tilt & turn glass windows with shutters
  • Residential type, double glazed door (outside)
  • Residential type door (inside)
  • 指の関節がない


  • ウォールボード
  • フロアボード
  • 屋根板
  • ダブルガラスの窓とドア

As a customer of Eurodita, you can trust the quality and service we provide for your production. We have an impressive 100% satisfaction rate! Our dedication to our customers allows us to achieve this: from order processing right through delivery if required.

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あなたの顧客が購入すべき理由 オーダーメイドのグルラムログキャビン「Dreamer」。 


  • Exclusive quality timber – we at Eurodita always put quality first. The Northern pine we use is the quality softwood, coming from responsible sources. It’s known for its light colour and longevity, especially after it goes through the glue lamination process.
  • Nordic design – the marriage between ergonomics and comfort – that is the essence of Nordic design. Your customers will be happy to find it here, in the bespoke glulam log cabin Dreamer.
  • Thick walls – at 70mm, log cabin Dreamer boasts thick glulam walls. Paired with proper insulation, they will be able to withstand even the coldest seasons.
  • 3Dモデル - お客様の夢が現実のものとなる様子を、生産現場に届く前にデジタル3Dでご覧いただけます。あなたのブランドで私たちが用意したオファーで、お客様が最良の選択をする手助けをします。


Eurodita Two Floor Log house Nicolas, 70mm


LOG CABINS MANUFACTURER FROM LITHUANIA Eurodita Eurodita offers huge range of timber structures, as log cabins, log sheds, log homes, glulam log homes, BBQ huts, camping pods and etc. Eurodita produces all structures on an individual basis with highest quality materials. Eurodita has 27 years of experience in this field of business. Eurodita is one of the largest manufacturers of modern innovative timber structures in Europe. Eurodita’s customer service guarantees to quickly respond to any requirements you have at all stages of your project life cycle – from an idea conception through construction completion and after-sales