Implement these 3 things we have learned to grow your retail business

Posted Apr 07, 2020, Category: Business

Eurodita serves businesses across the globe, and we’ve been in business for over 27 years. In this journey of ours, we have learned the fundamentals of running a successful business. Through trial & error, we have discovered actionable insights that you can implement to grow your business immediately.

Now, the ones we discuss here are mostly mindset-oriented. They don’t require additional investment, but they do require you to audit how you run your business and make changes where necessary to improve customer experience.

1. Customer-first philosophy.

Your customer is your business. This is fundamental at Eurodita, and it should be vital in your business, too. Without your customer, you would have no business.

We’ve mentioned countless times how customer-first philosophy made Eurodita. The lesson here is that you need to go over and beyond for your customer. Listen to your customers’ needs — do they need a glulam house, or maybe their visual aesthetics resonate better with standard log homes?

Sometimes, the customer will demand you to deliver extreme attention to detail in their order. With Eurodita, you can offer utterly bespoke log structures to your customers that suit even the neediest of your customers.

In our early years of business, we had to adapt to the market standard. We couldn’t rely on selling what we felt comfortable making — the demand would be insufficient. However, once we started offering what the market demanded that we do, we found exponential year-on-year growth, which brings us to our next point.

2. The market is continually changing.

What worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow or even today. Yesterday, you may have found a high demand for BBQ huts. Today, the weather may have changed, and you might see an increase in demand for camping pods.

To be able to react and meet your customers’ demands promptly, you need to have a supply chain in place that delivers faster than the market standard. This will not only enforce the ‘customer-first’ philosophy, but it will also be your business’ unique selling point that will allow you to stand out from the competitors with long delivery times.

Observe your customers. Some will want their products here and now. Some will want a tailored product that interacts with the aesthetics they have built around their homes. You need to distinguish between your customers and adapt your offering accordingly.

The quality standard is also ever-changing. We observe market trends and invest in research & development to predict any shifts in market trends, and to deliver when the needs arise. This has proven successful in our business — we are now the log structure manufacturer of choice for 89 partners across the globe.

The market standard in bespoke log structures is manufacturing without the customer in mind. Many manufacturers deviate from blueprints in the manufacturing process, consequently producing a product that does not meet the client’s expectations. Contrary, we have developed a system that allows unique specialisation and is utterly accurate in production. As a result, our customer gets exactly what he ordered, without any deviations. This has helped us expand our business across 18 countries.

3. Millennials are a new market segment that requires a tailored product.

A new and rapidly expanding market segment is the millennial generation. Marketing to this segment follows an entirely new set of rules.

Millennials do not want to be sold. They want to buy from a company that tailors their products and offerings for them. Therefore, for this market segment, offering bespoke products is extremely important.

Millennials know what they want. They follow architects and the latest in exterior trends; they know where they want the windows placed, or how they want the door to look. They know the exact measurements of their desired log structure, be it a glulam log home or a Nordic timber camping pod.

Millennials are now becoming a central part of our business. We have tailored our bespoke offerings specifically to the needs of this sector — we let the customer specify the measurements of the log structure, we give them the ability to choose the placement of every single detail — spanning from window to door placement. We let them customise the roof type and the overall design.

Essentially, we offer precisely what they want, at a price that isn’t much higher than the market standard for pre-manufactured log structures. And in this case, the customer gets what he wants.

We even suggest that a customer draws his desired log structure on paper — and we produce a design from the customer’s sketch.

These lessons made Eurodita. They can make your business, too.

The market is ever-changing, and you need suppliers who can guide you through these changes fast. Through years of industry experience, we have established processes that allow us to supply the highest market standard, fast. 95% of our deliveries come before the expected delivery time. We have adapted our business to suit the needs of an individual, and you can, too. Get in touch, and we’ll talk business.