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Imagine fantasy made possible – How a BBQ hut transforms your time in the great outdoors

The grillikota, also known as a BBQ hut, was invented in Finland. It is still an enjoyable pastime. It is usually a rectangular hut with a fire pit in the middle. It allows friends and families to gather around the fire and grill food or vegetables, and then chat with each other, sharing stories. This traditional way of spending time is still popular in northern countries. This is a great way of spending time in winter, when the insular structure keeps out the cold and the grill heats the inside. All windows can be opened to allow for great ventilation and keep the interior cool during summer.

You can add a sauna to your hut, which will increase the area. If placed in your backyard, this type of BBQ hut will become the focal point of your activities.

There are many things that BBQ grills can do, so let’s take a look at some of the important information before you buy one.

Scope of your barbecue hut

Kota grill, as it is more commonly known in English, comes in various sizes. This determines how it can be used.

For example, 7 sq. m. There won’t be enough room for the BBQ in its middle. The BBQ will be surrounded by seating that is attached to the walls. This classic hut comes in a round shape with three small windows. This type of BBQ hut is made from untreated pine planks, which can be painted any colour you like. To prevent wood burning, the grill is placed in central part of the hut. It is then covered with heat resistant plates.

You can choose a larger option such as 9 sq. You can convert the BBQ hut to a sauna with changing rooms. It will look just like a traditional grill and is round with windows. Instead of using the grill, the sauna heater should be placed in the middle. The sauna’s wood can be painted any color you like, just as with traditional BBQ huts. To prevent burning, the heater is placed on top heat-resistant plates just like a standard BBQ hut.

Fantasy made real - how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature

For those who want both, there is a 2-in-1 option: a double barbecue hut. This is a pair of BBQ huts connected by a corridor. You can use the sauna, grill table and create sleeping quarters in the structure.

Fantasy made real - how a BBQ hut can transform your time in nature

Open BBQ huts can also be found that have only one side of the wall. These huts still have a grill in the middle but only half the area is used for seating. This BBQ hut is great for summer and can be used as a substitute for a veranda in the main house.

No matter what option you choose, all BBQ Huts include heat resistant plates and bitumen roofing shingles. Pick the most convenient location (which we will discuss next) and then enjoy your time. You can find smaller BBQ huts that are already built or that require minimal construction.

Your BBQ hut’s location

The purpose of your BBQ hut will determine where it is placed. Your backyard is the best place to put your BBQ hut, whether it’s for an indoor grill or sauna (or both). A Koto grill is a great alternative to a fishing cabin, garden shed, or playhouse for children, as well as other outdoor activities. It all depends on the purpose of your place. You can adapt the interior of the hut to suit your specific needs. Ask your supplier for a quote.

Open BBQ huts are also great for family-friendly venues. You can also place larger huts, with more sleeping space, on camping sites or in nature-oriented hotels.

Legal aspects and other details

To ensure safety, any structure built on land that you rent or own must be approved by a lawyer. You should not have to worry about legal issues building a BBQ hut in your own backyard. These are some of the things to be aware of:

  • A BBQ hut must be one-storey with a maximum height of 4m.
  • They cannot occupy more than half your land.
  • Barbecue huts should not have balconies, verandas, or other elevated platforms.
  • They cannot be used as a residence.

Your municipal development office can help you with permits if your BBQ hut is intended to be a second home or for someone living in it. If you plan to use your hut for a business, such as a restaurant or hotel, you will need to consult your lawyer or realty agent about whether additional structures can be built on the property. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The maintenance of your BBQ hut should not be a problem. The wood will remain intact as long as it is given a coat of paint or varnish every two to three years. The heater or grill inside the hut will help keep the wood dry and prevent it from rotting. You should monitor the humidity and blow the hut out as needed.

You can enjoy your time with family and friends, no matter what type of Koto grill you choose. You should make it a social event and enjoy it as much as you can. Good luck!

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