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BBQ huts – or grillikota as they are known in Finland – are a remarkable invention. The idea of grilling while gathering around a fire is a social tradition still alive today and we would postulate that it took new life now outside of Finland. It’s a great experience that we encourage everyone to try and add to their catalogue. In this category, Eurodita offers a lot of different types and sizes of BBQ huts to choose from, together with an ability to individualise orders as well. Smaller BBQ huts will reach our partners pre-assembled, while nearly all of them will also contain Finish accessories, such as moose antlers and fur. Glue laminated BBQ huts such as ours can also last a very long time. The process of laminating the already strong Northern pine makes them practically unbreakable and resistant to moisture and heat.

However, after many years of use, even the strongest BBQ huts will need to be restored. This will require varying degrees of knowledge and ability to do so, which we will cover in this post.

Inspection phase – structural damage

There are two types of repairs BBQ huts should be inspected for: structural repairs and architectural repairs. These will need different kinds of abilities and knowledge in order to be carried out properly.

For structural repairs, we are talking about the physical support of the whole BBQ hut. It’s especially important to inspect the roof and walls. Wood is a material that attracts insects and moisture – two main adversaries in keeping the BBQ hut structure intact. While glue lamination process safeguards against both of these aspects quite well, after years of use, even the strongest wood might give in to either or both. Look for discolouration in the wooden planks. Check darker corners and places you don’t normally look at. This is where moisture and insects prefer to gather. In places like these, moisture creates fungus that spreads fast and can cause severe health problems.

Interior structure is just as important as exterior. While outside can be pretty obvious candidate for erosion due to rain and other elements, inside is also a similar story. Due to the nature of BBQ huts, grilling inside means use of heat and steam. While we build our BBQ huts to air out effectively, after much use, the steam can accumulate inside in nooks and crannies. That’s where it’s important to inspect. Not to forget the floor and the foundation. Both experience more moisture exposure than other parts of the BBQ hut and should receive regular inspections as well.

All these structural damages should be attended by professionals. If your clients discover discolouration, cracks, moisture damage, breakages in shingles and other structural issues, specialists in log structures should be called immediately to attend to the damage.

Architectural damage 

With structural damage present, it’s dangerous to keep using the BBQ hut, as parts of it might collapse. But equally important is the architectural, or aesthetic, damage. To keep the fungus, moisture and insects from penetrating into the glulam planks, BBQ huts should be covered in fresh coat of paint and protective varnish every few years. This will make sure the BBQ hut stays sleek and healthy. If your clients are looking to change the general look of the BBQ hut, it can also be smart to discuss the possibilities with designers and architects.

Bespoke order damage

Sometimes, even a structure as traditional as a BBQ hut can be constructed as a made to measure order. This means that there may be construction options that are not standard and need to be attended differently. This can be anything, from floor plank size to the roof pitch. In cases like these, it’s important to always discuss potential repair needs with us or your other producer. The changes can be minor, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

With our partners in mind, we always consult them on potential differences in construction and long-term use of the structure. In the bespoke order phase, we produce a 3D rendition of the final product, which then allows us to have a clear look at the BBQ hut or any other structure and asses potential dangers and irregularities. A good partner support can help solve a lot of restoration and maintenance problems before they even arise. Look through our partner program to learn more.

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