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How to Keep Your Timber Windows and Doors in Perfect Condition

How to Keep Your Timber Windows and Doors in Perfect Condition

To preserve the finish on your Timber windows and doors, it is essential that they are regularly cleaned and inspected. Following these steps can ensure they remain in excellent condition for years.

Wooden windows expand and contract with weather fluctuations, so regular maintenance must be performed to maintain good function and durability. This should include cleaning, painting and sealing frames as necessary.

Regular Cleaning

Timber is an elegant and sustainable natural material, but even so requires routine care to remain beautiful, working optimally, and welcoming fresh air into the home. A maintenance schedule will help ensure that your timber doors and windows stay looking their best while remaining open and welcoming fresh air into your space.

At least twice annually, your timber window frames should be cleaned to remove dust, pollution and contaminants that encourage the formation of unsightly algae blooms. Preferably this should take place when conditions are favorable such as rainy and overcast skies – as this will help to extend their lifetime and prolong paint and timber finishes.

Cleaning should be conducted using a soft cloth and washing up liquid, to avoid damage to the surface of the timber. Cleaning provides an opportunity for regular inspection of changes since last time; look out for signs such as soft spots in old timber; damaged sealants; flaking and chipped paint; swollen timber; stiff hinges that don’t open/close as smoothly or hinges that stop opening/closing as smoothly; these should all be observed on cleaning day.

Lubricate hinges and latches on items like timber bi-fold doors or French door handles to keep them running smoothly and prevent squeaking during opening and closing cycles. This will also keep them looking their best!


Modern high-performance timber windows and doors may be resilient, yet still require occasional care and attention to maintain their beauty. Being porous material, wood should be regularly sealed to prevent water infiltration or air loss through leakage; Timbabuild has proven its durability under tough climates.

Wood should ideally be sealed once or twice every year; however, before sealing takes place it is crucial to check weather conditions to ensure timber swells and does not shrink during colder temperatures which could potentially cause it to shrink and cause gaps to form in its finish. This is particularly crucial during the winter when colder temperatures may cause it to shrink further, potentially leaving gaps behind.

If a gap is discovered, it can easily be repaired using a rope-based caulking system. This solution works best in wintertime around sash openings but can easily be taken down when windows reopen in springtime. For a longer-term fix, polymer tape or foam rubber may also help close large spaces between them.

Maintenance of timber window frames includes keeping their hardware in good condition, such as hinges, handles, latches, stays and locks. Lubrication with suitable grease will prolong their lifespan while also helping prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear.


Wood is not indestructible despite advances in timber manufacturing and protective paint technology; therefore wooden windows require routine maintenance to keep their good looks, durability, and function over time after being installed. Following these painting, finishing, and sealing guidelines can help to ensure this happens.

Start by dusting off your window frames and sashes using a soft cloth or brush, to remove any loose dirt. Once this step is completed, sand the timber using fine grit sandpaper to roughen up its surface slightly so the new coat of paint adheres better.

After your timber has been thoroughly sanded and cleaned, apply primer. When this has dried completely, begin painting in thin layers ensuring all areas of the surface are covered evenly – don’t rush as this could result in an uneven finish!

Maintain the longevity of your timber windows and doors by painting any areas showing wear or mildew growth with quality exterior grade paint that is weather resistant and weather-resistant, like Timbabuild’s range of timber repair products that use an epoxy resin for strength, durability, and weatherproofing. Timbabuild offers their range of timber repair products which come equipped with strength-inducing resin technology, offering strength durability weather resistance – an important aspect to consider for longevity of windows and doors made of timber.


Regular inspection of timber windows and doors for damage or signs of wear is vital in order to keep them looking their best and functioning optimally for years after being installed. Just a few simple steps can ensure they continue looking beautiful while serving their intended function properly.

Start off by giving the surface a light dusting to remove any loose debris that has collected, while also being mindful of any areas where protective layer has flaked or peeled away, exposing wooden grain. This step is essential as cracks in finish can allow water into timber, potentially leading to damage or deterioration.

If you notice flaking or peeling of your window’s finish or mildew growth, or notice flaking of mildew growth on Accoya timber windows, microporous paints provide protection for up to 10 years on Redwood and Hardwood windows and even longer on Accoya windows.

Once the filler has set, use a sanding block or paper with increasingly finer grits until the surface is smooth and ready for painting. Exterior grade paint that matches existing finishes should be selected; multiple coats may be applied to ensure maximum durability.

Regularly lubricate the hinges, catches and latches of your timber bifold doors or French doors with light oil to keep them running smoothly and draft-free. Even just a little dab will go a long way toward keeping their appearance lasting longer and improving performance.

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