How to expand your bathroom space in a log home?

Posted May 10, 2020, Category: Advice

When planning out our made to measure summer houses, we all want to be as comfortable as in our residential homes. This is especially true for those of us that want to stay in the log cabin for a whole season or longer.

One item that really elevates the comfort of the entire log home is a large, functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. With our 27 years of experience as log home wholesalers, we at Eurodita are open to share our experience on glulam house designs we made for large, comfy bathrooms. We will go through some choices that you can make when building a bathroom in your own log cabin that later you will be happy about.

Heated floors

Standard log cabins are known to get drafty. We are happy to say that most of our log cabins have the option to be fully insulated and avoid this issue. However, wood and steam do not go together so well, which means you will need to think about a good ventilation system in the bathroom. Even with the best of our insulation efforts, there is a chance you will experience some draft and cold.

To avoid this, we highly recommend installing heated floors. Highly likely you will lay out tiles in your bathroom, so there is no reason to skimp on this aspect. Now, at first, it might seem like an expensive luxury, especially for a log cabin floor plan. However, it can be deceptively cheap and not cost you more than $2,000. It will be a great improvement of life in your log cabin and will make sure your bathroom will remain warm, even with a ventilation system that will generate some draft. More importantly, heated floor will stop cold and moisture getting into your bathroom through the floor, which can be one of the main draft entrances.

Choose a bathtub 

If your choice of log cabin is big enough, like our bespoke contemporary log cabin Finlandia, chances are, you will have enough space to place a bathtub. With a little bit of planning, you can even make it a large, corner bathtub that you can enjoy without being constricted by small space.

Together with heated floors, your log cabin bathroom is already making the list as a prime real estate. If you cannot fit a bathtub this large into your log cabin bathroom, you can always opt for walk-in shower. These types of showers will be very comfortable and ensure you can splash around in enough space. Additionally, you will be able to take full advantage of the heated floor and never suffer cold feet.

Big accessories

Right now, there are two big trends on the market that you can make use of in your own bathroom’s rustic yet contemporary log cabin decor. First thing is a large mirror. This is especially important if your bathroom is on a smaller side. Mirrors have a tendency to enlarge the space they are placed in. This optic illusion could benefit in various spaces in your log house, especially those that make your log cabin look small.

Another big accessory that is making rounds around the glulam house design world is a fireplace in the bathroom. This obviously fits much better with a large tub, in which you can lounge around and enjoy yourself for long hours. For a fireplace in the bathtub, you can pick a small, glass-covered option, fake stove or even a full heater that can replicate a sauna. Some log cabin owners even opted for a fully open fire place inside their bathrooms with fascinating results. Consider this as a serious option.

Small accessories

The small details matter and when the general design of your bathroom is finished, do not forget to fill it up with little interior design details. Pick a general colour scheme and stick to it. Install additional shelves where you can store all the necessities, which can then also become a part of your bathroom’s design. We are talking about toothbrush holders, soup boxes, loofas, sponges, bathroom mats, toilet seat holders – everything should be in theme and compliment the design. This way, you will create a singular feel to your log cabin’s bathroom and it will truly become a memorable piece of your custom log home.

A bathroom is one of the most important places where comfort can be emphasised. We spend quite a lot of time taking care of personal hygiene and grooming ourselves. Make sure you show the bathroom in your log cabin home as much attention in planning as you do in your residential home. And always, consult the bespoke log cabin company for the best advice on the size and possibilities for your bathroom. Good luck!