How to adjust your business to a millennial market?

Posted Aug 12, 2020, Category: Business

Year 2020 has been marked by many events that shook the world and the markets to its core. Lots of things changes, yet some remained the same. One of the things that didn’t change for sure is that customers have their needs. How those needs are shaped may change – from a worldwide pandemic, to national economics, to personal finance. But the reality remains the same: consumers will need products and businesses will be there to provide them. The best we can do is prepare for the coming generation of consumers and their future demands.

What kind of consumers are millennials? 

Millennials are a generation lots of people like to make fun out of. They’re often called lazy, unmotivated and overly sensitive. However, as consumers that cannot be further from the truth. As a generation, millennials grew up with access to internet at their fingertips, which makes them a very informed customer. Things they don’t know about log houses are things they know how to figure out and do so quickly. This wast knowledge about products they are looking to purchase also reflects in their general knowledge of what they want. Gone are the long discussions and wonderings of what would fit the location, the mood, the weather, etc. Now millennials know exactly what they want and that is personalised options.

Bespoke orders that older customers might look down upon as more expensive and unnecessary are exactly what millennials turn to. They request individualised log house designs, personalised interior planning, special doors and windows. More than that, they are customers of convenience, people that want everything in high quality and from the same supplier. Even better if all items of the log house are neatly packed into one place. Less hassle, less worry, less opportunities for mistakes. That is exactly the kind of consumer a millennial is.

How to prepare for such a consumer? 

The most important thing a log house trader or builder can have for millennials are options. These options should be readily available, with opportunities of personalisation. Your catalogue should be filled with different choices of similar designs, even if it’s different sizes or small adjustments. This will showcase the adaptability of your portfolio and your production line – which in this case would be us, a private label manufacturer.

Second thing that should always be made available for the millennial customer are bespoke options. Better yet, offer the chance to order a completely new design of the log cabin or log house they are looking to purchase. Suggest the possibility of building the log house of their dreams, with nothing even remotely similar on your catalogue. This options will be greatly appreciated and might earn you a return customer.

Discuss with your supplier

Eurodita’s partners are already prepared for the millennial customer. Our catalogue available on our website offers many options and different variations of designs. More than that, we are ready for any bespoke order and our production line can build extravagant log house designs if the customer demands it. All we will require is an order filled in with dimensions and a sketch or a layout of that dream log structure attached to this order.

To further tailor the offer to the millennial customer, we provide a 3D model of their bespoke log cabin or house. Our 3D model rendering system builds it from the information provided at the order phase and this model becomes part of the offer. This offer doesn’t carry Eurodita’s brand, but the brand of or partners, who use the order form to sell the final product to their customers. Those customers greatly appreciate a peek into their future homes and the sales process becomes much easier.

To summarise, the millennial customer is a well-informed, individualised person who is looking for quality and comfort. Whether it’s physical comfort or comfort during the sales and construction process, the millennial customer will likely appreciate it in every form possible. Our partners are can trust our portfolio and trust that we will deliver on every single design that is now available in on our website. More than that, they can trust that we will be open to any bespoke order and that we will help them prepare for the millennial generation of customers.