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How do you secure your log home from burglars?

In the whole real estate market throughout the entire process of building a house there is a chance of theft. It could be small standard log homes custom-designed garden summer homes or even large modern log home. We , as log cabin makers and log home builders are always ready to provide our clients with advice about how to protect their log cabins and log homes as well like camping pods.

In this article in this article, we’d like to give our partners a few ideas you can share with your customers to protect your log cabins. Criminality is more likely to occur when log cabins constructed of glulam are left unguarded during the winter months, or for longer periods of time. Even nighttime robberies remain active in rural regions. We at Eurodita even though we don’t offer Log home security solutions, could definitely share some general guidelines to our partners that could help in advising clients on the best ways to protect their home.

Reliable locks

In the first place, your customers should ensure that the windows and doors can be locked. Glulam houses and cabins that are left in winter can be robbed because of the accessibility. Windows must be secured from the inside with solid locks. Doors should have include a double lock mechanism in order to make it more difficult to get into.

Security grills

These are generally put on windows and doors. They are iron bars that retract that are placed on the outside of log cabins and then secured. They prevent glass to break and provide a simple means of protecting the property of your client.

Security camera

If your clients are planning to store lots of valuables inside their custom summer homes and apartments, then security cameras or CCTV are an excellent investment. They work best when paired with the security light which will turn on when motion. Be sure to inform your clients to seek out an expert in security that is capable of setting up cameras in the correct angles. If the log cabins they have built are not remote , and cameras may film neighbors’ property, they’ll need to seek permission from neighbors first.

Plant defence

Another great way to inform your clients is to step in the garden and put some pissy plants around their unique log cabins. The most well-known species for this however there are other local varieties too. The most effective way to accomplish it is to put these natural defenses underneath glulam house or windows. This means that not only will the plants deter burglars, they will also make them ill should they attempt to do anything.

Take everything away

It could be common sense, however it’s only common sense when it is widely used. Encourage your clients to take their things away when they are leaving their custom-designed summer homes. This is particularly true of the ladders, stools, and other furniture, or other places of entry. If the log homes you design are to be fitted out, it is best to make sure to take off the curtains and secure everything before you leave for the winter season. Your customers should not promote their property to thieves.

Burglar alarm

If your clients intend to live in their custom-built to measure log cabins, installing a burglar alarms is an excellent suggestion. In the end, if brick homes can be equipped with them, why wouldn’t log cabins? There are a variety of alarms available that are silent or loud alarms. The main issue is being able to remember to set it up prior to bedtime or before leaving. If your clients are leaving their custom-designed summer homes for the season, a silent alarms that communicate to the phone in case something goes wrong could be the ideal solution.

Security is essential. Your customers will feel secure in their custom-built residential log cabins. Additionally, they will remember you with fondness for your good advice. They might even return to purchase an outdoor camping pod or an additional log home. However, your expertise will set you over your competitors with the consultation services you can offer to your loyal customers.

If you’re still trying to find the perfect log cabin business that could be a trustworthy supplier of log home manufacturing and installation, visit the Partner Program page. Our previous partners have seen their profits increase by 20 percent after beginning working with us. Contact us today to learn what you can do to achieve the same. Best of luck!

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