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How do you maintain your log cabin exterior?

Like every other item, they will eventually break if they are not taken care of. Log cabins should be well maintained in order to last many years. We will be covering some of the basics and steps you can take to keep your log cabin in good condition. These are not difficult tasks that you can do by yourself. If you are unsure, consult your producer or an expert in the field.

Wood preservation

When preserving a wood cabin, the most important thing to remember is preservation of timber. First, you need to be able to tell if the varnish or paint products are functioning properly. This is easiest to do by using a water bottle or a spray hose to spray some on the outer walls. You’ll know the products are working if the water beads up quickly. You will need to apply the product again as soon as you notice dark stains.

The preservative is an important product. After the log cabin is constructed, an additional layer should be applied. When applying, make sure it’s not too wet or too sunny. It will keep the wood strong and protected from all types of damage. You can also apply stain to any color on top of the preservative.

Stain is the most widely used timber product. It protects wood from the elements and can be applied to any colour. You can use oil-based, waterbased, or a combination of both. The local shopkeeper can help you choose the right option for your wood cabin. They will need to know what kind of wood the cabin is made from. All stains and/or preventatives should have sunblock properties. Wood reacts to UV radiation just like skin.

When the cabin is built, sealants are often applied. Sealants are required if the joints of your cabin begin to lose their integrity over time. There are three options: liquid sealant, caulk sealant, and foam sealant. Butyl rubber is a solid sealant. They are all designed to prevent water from getting into the cracks and joints of the cabin.

Finally, keep your cabin clean. It doesn’t matter where your cabin is located, dust, dirt, and leaves can slowly alter the colour and make it look darker and more dusty. You can use a variety of products to clean inside and out walls. However, a fan tip is the best. Keep it moving and clean the entire wall.

Landscape & details

Your cabin’s location can be either beneficial or detrimental to its long-term survival. If you are building your log cabin in the wilderness, make sure it is located on a sloper. Rainwater will not accumulate around the cabin’s base and cause damage. You might need to replace the soil if soil has accumulated around your foundation over time and caused a slope that is too steep or too small.

You can also cover gutters with mesh to maintain drainage. This will prevent leaves and grass from getting into the drainage system, while still keeping the water flowing. Oversizing your overhangs is a great way to protect your log home from sun and rain damage. This can be done by talking to the producer when you purchase a prefabricated log home, or if you are looking to build one.

Regularly inspect your cabin. Every spring and fall, inspect the cabin with a critical eye to look out for mold and rot. Check for gaps in sealant and chinking, both from outside and inside the hut. These are prime areas for moisture accumulation. Check the windows for gaps between frames and logs, and pealing paint. Make sure to inspect the foundation as well as your roof.

To prevent water from accumulating, the roof should slope. To prevent leaves from falling onto the roof, ensure that there aren’t too many trees in the vicinity of the timber hut. Leaves can cause moisture to build up on roof tiles if they aren’t removed. They also keep the rain off the roof tiles. You should remove all leaves and set up a good roof drainage system.

As with everything else, wooden log homes require love and attention. Log homes are alive and well, and they change with the seasons and age. Your log home will last a lifetime if you give it proper care. Good luck!

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