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How do you build your own home office in your backyard

Homework has come in the spotlight recently due to the new Coronavirus.

A plethora of people across the United States are being told to work at their homes until the danger is gone Many have never experienced this.

The trend of remote work has grown exponentially in the last two decades, and according to CIPD the trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

If you’re establishing your own business, have a successful business or want the same flexibility of your manager, creating an office space that is designed for you can provide you with a peaceful and productive space away from the distractions of your home life.

Here are some great suggestions from the experts of log cabins on Eurodita on how to create and construct your ideal house office…

Do I require permission to plan?

This is a vital issue to consider, since failure to follow regulations on planning can land you in the hands of the city council as well as your neighbors.

Basically, outbuildings like greenhouses, sheds, cabins and garages aren’t required to get permission for planning if they follow the following requirements:

  • It’s a single story, with roof eaves that are no more than 2.5 meters
  • Only covers 50% of the area around the original house.
  • It is only utilized by the members of the household
  • It is not intended for living quarters.
  • It is constructed from wood

But, the rules may differ between councils, and they can be stricter in certain areas, such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty or when you own an historic building that is listed.

If you’re not sure, talk to the local planning department prior to beginning any work. It’s also respectful to let your neighbors know that you don’t require permission.

What is the most suitable location to set up an office at home?

Consider how the new structure will impact how you view your home and whether it could hinder light or reduce the use for your outside space. This is also true for office spaces What do you want to see? What can you do to maximize lighting?

Most often, people put their office space near the edge of their gardens to satisfy both boxes. It’s not far enough away to feel like a distinct space, and doesn’t mean you’re losing too much of the garden.

Garden structures should be constructed on flat ground using concrete piles. Beware of sloped areas or portions of your garden that become wet after heavy rains. A office with a south-facing view will get more light all day long.

Should I go with either a custom-designed or pre-built website?

If you’re not a construction worker by profession or an experienced DIYer, you should seek the guidance from a professional firm to realize your home office vision. Many suppliers also provide the option of a supply-only package, which allows you to select an local builder to assist you in building it.

There are self-assembled kits in the market, however they are usually simple in design and offer limited functions. If you’re looking for more advanced requirements to set up your own garden office or design objectives, a custom service can help you design the perfect structure that fits to the architectural style of your home But keep in mind that it may take longer for it to be delivered and install…and most importantly, it will costs more.

In the event that you do not have an external access to your garden, examine the method of bringing materials at your home to ensure that it’s possible. It’s also contingent on your budget. Home offices be anywhere from a couple of thousand to PS30Kplus.

How do keep my office warm during the winter?

Most likely, you’ll use your office in your home all the time So it’s essential that your office is heated in colder seasons and cools down as temperatures rise.

40mm thick walls or more with double-glazed windows can aid in retaining heat during the winter, and so the roof insulation and underfloor. Many garden offices available on market are already equipped with insulation. Rugs and soft furnishings will make the room feel more cozy and warm.

The timber structures naturally insulation and also have good air circulation, making cool during the summer months. When the weather is cold you can install an electric heater that connects to the mains supply in order to maintain your workspace at a constant temperature.

Are homes safe against burglars?

Garden offices are a popular victim for burglars due to being empty at night , and frequently packed with expensive equipment. However, there are additional security measures that you can implement.

If you are able do so, at the end the day, bring devices or documents that are portable and secure at your home to minimize the chance of being harmed.

There are many other options to stop thieves from following in your tracks, such as motion sensor security lights that are placed above your entrance door, blinds that hinder their view to the inside as well as a gravel path that leads to your office which creates an underfoot noise.

Most garden offices come with door and window locks that are pre-installed and meet standard security requirements Check with your provider.

Be sure to update your home insurance in the event that you’ve had the garden office set up and make sure to check whether they have any additional security specifications. This way you’ll be protected in the event that something happens to you.

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