How can you revive an old wooden structure?

Posted Oct 30, 2021

It’s widely known that a log cabin will last for a long period of time. Through dry and stormy seasons Wood is a sturdy material, and with the right treatment, will last through multiple generations. Perhaps you’ve been gifted an old log home made of glulam belonging to the great grandparents of your parents. Or perhaps you’ve bought an old home that was cheap , and it’s now time to be renovated. Whatever the reason There are some general guidelines and suggestions to follow and bring back your house built of glulam beams back to its former glory.

We’ll give you some advice We’ve been in the production of log cabins for the past 27 years and witnessed our products stand up to against the years. In this blog we’ll provide Eurodita’s experience about how to maintain older log homes and make them appear like new.

General Inspection

Before beginning any work in your log house, the first thing you do is to do a general examination. Beginning from the outside examine for signs of rot or mould. Particularly pay attention to the corners as they are the ones that see much wear and wear. Be sure to inspect the roof for structural integrity. When log homes get older and those beams that are the highest glulam can become pushed off from underneath the roof. This is crucial to be fixed as you’ll be at possibility of a collapsed roof. The corners are a significant factor in determining the overall condition of your log house therefore, be aware to look for any signs of mould or decay.

Inside the log house, the corners are the main aspect. Particularly in the interior, mold tends to build up in the corners, which can lead to the roof. Also, look at the flooring, check that the planks have not become rotten and are safe to walk on. If they are not, they’ll have to be replaced. Examine the windows and doors and the places where they touch the walls, you should look for areas of mould and gaps that you have to repair. Examine the frames of your windows for damage from water and determine whether you’re required to replace them.

Fix, Replace , and Wash

After the check, it’s time to start working. The areas that are prone to mould need to be dried outand the ones that are rotten removed and replaced. In certain cases it’s necessary to change the flooring in the entire room or take a long time drying the mould. Don’t skimp on these steps. Replace doors and windows should they be needed, and if necessary, repair the roof and ensure that the roof beams are secured.

Then, clean the exterior and interior of your log home. There are two methods to accomplish this either with a pressure washer and the blaster media.

If you are using a pressure washer ensure that you select the best quality wood cleaner. This chemical is specially formulated for homes built from logs and will not cause additional damage. Be sure to ensure that your pressure washer that you lease is of low intensity – about 1500 psi. Anything higher will certainly harm already worn-out wood.

If you select to use the blaster media, it will reduce the chance of causing damage to the glulam beams in your home. This is done by removing all chemical residues from your cleaning procedure. The only downside to using a media blasters is that they are difficult to find however once you have you will find your home to be more clean.

Apply sealant and stain

The next step is to wait. After you have cleaned the log home it is important to be patient for your log home to be dry. The next step will occur application of sealant and stain. Select a stain to match the style of your glulam beams home, and match the colour that you can imagine. Additionally, use a sealant on areas that are more vulnerable, such as around doors and windows. Be sure to not leave any crack or crevice not sealed. We also talked about the ideal method of choosing a stain and the right paint to decorate your home with within our previous article.

Maintaining an old house is difficult. Although you could tackle the task yourself It’s important to talk to experts. Reach out to your local wholesalers for log homes after you’ve finished examining your log home , and talk about the steps you’ll need to undertake. Set aside the amount you’re willing and in a position to invest on the renovation project and then make an educated decision. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. Make the right choice. Best of luck!