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How can you open up your living room space inside the log home?

As wholesalers of log home homes We see lots of styles come and go through our partners’ orders. We create a variety of custom log homes, log cabins made of glulam and camping pods. When there is a bespoke log home design that we make, we at Eurodita usually create enough space within your log house to expand the living space.

If it’s a huge log cabin similar to the one we have at Tavernier or one of our tiny glulam log cabins such as Our Eamon one, the living space will be the very first area you see upon entering. According to the reports of our associates and the living space design choices that their customers make, the majority of the focus is on this space. The living space should be welcoming, open and bright, and also not appear to be too big.

In our experience of 27 years We have observed certain interior design trends and options that can help in living spaces that are located in homes made of log. In this article we’ll provide our tips about how to open the living space and the best furniture for your new log home to help you in this process.

Glulam log homes and windows

These are the main tool to open up your living room. Windows that are large, or properly placed ones, will allow in plenty of light, and showcase the beauty of nature outside. We are pleased to announce that the majority of the doors and windows we install are double-glazed which means that even if the client has chosen to go with large wall-to-ground windows the heat loss is minimal.

When creating glulam beam plans for your home, it’s crucial to think a lot in the window layout. This will determine the amount of sunlight you’ll let in your living space and the whole log home. Remember where the sun’s path will take place , and then plan the windows in line with this.

Glulam Log homes as well as the color

If you’ve got enough sunshine streaming in from the outside at every hour during the daytime, it’s time to think about the general color. Our modern log home kits have an incredibly beautiful hue because of our utilization of Northern pine. It’s a gorgeous light-colored tree that keeps the freshness of the cabin.

In addition the cabins we built this light wood can be used to create numerous colour choices. The homes that we have private labeled made have been converted into a variety of colors. While we’re on the subject of building the log home living space There are some general guidelines to be followed. The first is to stick to the lighter colors. The darker shades will enlarge the area they’re within. This is a crucial principle to observe when building small cabin kits or camping pods. It is possible to use lighter shades of colour for little elements or to highlight certain aspects of your custom log cabin, however all of your living area should be light-colored. We provided a comprehensive overview of how to use colours for log cabins on our previous blog post.

Log cabins bespoke to your specifications and mirrors

If the client has chosen a the most tiny home furnishings it is possible that there isn’t many options to make the space appear bigger. But, there’s one thing that can always increase the size of the space, no matter how small mirrors.

A properly-placed mirror can make even the tiniest spaces appear bigger and even tiny camping pods can gain from mirrors. Install a mirror near the door for maximum functionality. Place it on the wall opposite from the main entrance to convince the eyes that there’s more space is actually. There are many ways that a mirror can assist your client in increasing the size of the room, all that remains is the imagination of a child.

Log homes that are modular, and storage

The last piece of advice we could offer to clients and you is to always consider useful storage. The living room could have cushions under your windows However, those seats must be able to open up into an area for storage. In Log cabins, your living space is used as an entryway as well as a kitchen.

Make sure you have a big closet separated for outdoor and indoor clothing however, keep everything in one location. If your log home has an open fireplace, make sure that all the tools it has in the wall adjacent to it, to ensure that it does not take up a lot of space. This principle should apply to everything that is that is in a log home that is able to be put up or stowed away and hung, it must be. Reduce space, and your can open your living space.

It may appear to be common sense when laid out this way however even common sense needs an occasional reminder often. If you, as an expert in log cabins are unsure of the suggestions you can give your customers be sure to refer your clients towards an architect or interior designer. If you don’t have a trustworthy and experienced building glulam home partner, contact us to discuss the possibilities. Best of luck!

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