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How a Eurodita Log House Stood Strong Through the Storms

How a Eurodita Log House Stood Strong Through the Storms

Eurodita is an established provider of top-quality log cabins and prefabricated buildings for both residential and commercial clients, from cozy backyard retreats to spacious vacation homes – these timber structures are constructed to stand the test of time.

Eurodita of Lithuania specializes in producing log houses and garden sheds from premium Nordic woods using fully automated production processes to avoid human error during assembly, while offering unique dealer programs designed to expand B2B business.s.

Glulam Logs

As one of the most versatile structural wood products, glulam has countless applications in all kinds of structures. It can be formed into straight or curved beams, columns and pillars, panels as well as custom curvilinear structures; and can integrate easily with hybrid assemblies and building systems.

Utilizing glulam can dramatically cut construction costs by eliminating welding and industrial-strength boring. Furthermore, this process enables builders to use less material for equal strength resulting in significant savings on both labor and materials costs. Furthermore, its natural thermal properties prevent thermal bridges and help ensure comfortable indoor temperatures are maintained.

Timber-framed homes also stand out for the sound they make. While concrete or steel buildings produce an irritating tinny sound, wooden structures absorb and diffuse it – helping reduce chatter, keyboard clacking noises, etc. from reverberating back.

Eurodita log cabins are built to stand the test of time thanks to high-grade Nordic timber and expert craftsmanship. Eurodita’s custom-made prefabricated huts, garden summer houses and log cabins for caravanning grounds, national parks and hunting trails feature various custom features – prefab huts come pre-assembled while its innovative supply chain system streamlined client supply chains while simultaneously developing lasting partnerships that result in long-lasting structures with reduced maintenance requirements and durable structures that withstand outdoor elements better.


Log cabins, timber frame homes and other log-walled structures require chinking to seal between logs. Traditionally this material was composed of clay, lime and sand and plastered into notches between logs to help seal them and keep moisture, vermin and insects at bay. Chinking material has proven extremely durable; making a difference when moisture levels drop or vermin and insects invade a structure’s walls.

Chinking logs prevents mold and rot that could wreak havoc with the structure of your home over time, while giving the logs access to fresh air – without which they would twist and kink causing gaps that allow cold air to enter as well as insects and rodents entering. Chinking keeps everything looking their best!

Modern chinking is made of an acrylic elastic compound that is much more resilient than its mortar predecessors. It stretches and contracts with log movement, saving costly repairs. Plus, this form of chinking can even be stained or painted to customize its appearance!

Choose a stain that complements your chinking properly to achieve optimal compatibility. When selecting your stain and chinking products from different manufacturers, always test for compatibility by applying small amounts and watching for color changes or drip marks before beginning application.

Weather-Resistant Paint

Weather-resistant paint is designed to withstand various climate conditions and last much longer than regular paint. It’s especially useful in protecting log cabins against damage caused by moisture or other elements; be sure to follow manufacturer instructions when applying weatherproof paint, such as painting when temperatures are mild.

Weather-resistant paint provides numerous advantages, including its ability to resist rot, mold and mildew growth as well as reduce repainting costs over time. Furthermore, its strength may even protect against harsher conditions like hurricanes or earthquakes.

Eurodita’s log cabins offer the ideal solution for anyone wanting to live closer to nature while maintaining high levels of comfort. Built from FSC-certified Nordic wood, they’re built rot-proof and thermo-resistant, perfect for use both near beaches or mountainsides.

Lithuania-based company works with retailers and wholesalers to supply them with premium European log homes at competitive prices. Their success can be measured against their proven track record of providing customized solutions and private labeling options to customers. They’re now expanding into Asia by starting talks with potential dealers in Japan, hoping this expansion will establish themselves as a strong presence there and provide customers with affordable quality log cabins.


Log homes are widely considered more energy efficient than their framed counterparts, yet their actual insulation properties depend heavily on the material and thickness of logs used. Furthermore, if their gaps aren’t sealed off correctly heat can escape quickly or cold can seep through easily.

Eurodita’s Lithuanian glulam log cabin manufacturer uses top-of-the-line materials to craft long-lasting garden and standard log cabins that will endure years of use. Easy to assemble on site, these prefabricated homes can also be customized according to B2B buyers’ individual business needs without compromising quality or aesthetics.

The company’s patented logs are specially crafted to prevent shrinkage, distortion and warping by using specific lengths and thicknesses. Their precise notching also minimizes gaps between logs so chinking can be avoided altogether, saving time and money during construction.

Eurodita’s cabin insulating materials have been specially developed to complement wood, filling any gaps that form between pieces, blocking airflow between sides, and keeping your home cozy throughout the year. This ensures you remain warm and comfortable.

If you are considering investing in a log house, reach out to Eurodita’s sales team to gain more information about their offerings. We carry several bestselling log cabins for sale and are always eager to assist our clients!

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