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High-end vs economy log houses: how to pick what’s right for you

As log homes suppliers, we are committed to provide a wide variety of offers for all our partners. This means that in our catalogue, we have every type of log house, log cabin, mobiles homes and other types of timber structures that may be interesting to our partners. Depending on the profile of our partner’s company, they can request differ types of log homes, various log cabins and so on. Because of this, we strive to provide as much information about each product as possible, so our partners would be able to make an informed decision about the product they need most.

In this blog post, we would like to expand on this topic. Most importantly, we would like to present our view on occasions when it’s worth buying economy-grade timber structure and when it’s best to buy high-end options. Most importantly, we would like to highlight things to keep in mind when choosing timber structures and how to make that choice well.

There are two main points to keep in mind when choosing between economy and high-end segments: purpose and quantity. The purpose of the timber structure will determine the technical parameters. The quantity, largely dictated by purpose, will then determine the final price of the order.

Economy segment

It’s a common knowledge that economy equals scale. The number of log cabins for sale will be a very good indicator of its quality segment. As for Eurodita, we have our own super economy section of log sheds that we sell in high quantities. Usually, our buyers are supermarkets that specialise in gardening equipment, or resellers that service other businesses with garden sheds.

While the price segment is economy, it does not mean that Eurodita’s garden sheds are not made with high quality. On the contrary, we take every product we have on our catalogue, and those we build bespoke, very seriously and give our best while producing and delivering them. What economy means in this case, is that compared with medium and high-end contemporary log cabins, log cabin homes, camping pods and similarly-sized products, our garden sheds are built using different approach and are meant for different goals.

Our garden sheds are meant for storing equipment. They don’t come with floors and their windows and doors have a single-layer glass. Their walls are thinner than our residential level log cabins and they are much smaller in diameter. However, this does not mean that our garden rooms or small cabin kits cannot be used to store garden equipment. It simply means that our garden sheds have been created for a specific purpose.

High-end segment

Our contemporary log cabins are the best example of high-end log cabins. As a complete opposite of garden shed, they have been made to replace a residential home and have a modern, sometimes even futuristic look. We do not produce them in high quantities. These contemporary log cabin designs are booked long in advance and are different every time, depending on the project.

Another great example of high-end product that is made for a specific purpose is our bespoke log homes. Like contemporary log cabins, these homes were made to be ordered made to measure and in small quantities or singles. These options we recommend only to partners whose clients want something unique and are only selling residential quality products on their own portfolio.

High-end also means that the walls of the timber structures are thicker, the glass is always double-layered (unless specified otherwise) and thick floor is always present. High-end segment can also dictate the smaller details that are included into log home kits, e.g. wooden furniture, internal walls, electrical wiring, prep for insulation and more.

Medium segment

In between the economy and high-end segments there are the medium timber structures. These are much more varied in their purpose, technical specifications, price and quantity. Our bespoke order system allows us to turn a lot of high-end products and some of the economy ones into medium segment. This includes the thickness of walls, ceilings and floors, the overall quality of windows and doors, even delivery terms in some cases. These choices in turn dictate the quantity of products that is realistic to order. Medium segment products like bespoke mobile homes can be ordered in larger quantities to populate a mobile home park and still retain high enough quality.

Because of our customer-first philosophy, we are always open for discussions. Our bespoke order form allows us to gather detailed enough orders, but live consults and discussions helps us too, especially at the start of the partnership. When choosing your product, know the purpose it’s going to serve and the quantities you will require. Then, we can have a successful and proper timber product delivered that you can be happy with.

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