Here’s how you can increase profits with our Partner network.

Posted Mar 19, 2020, Category: Business

Our partner program helps tens of business owners, retailers, shops and home-builders offer ready-built homes to their customers.

Every business we’ve partnered with earns a minimum of 20% profit, immediately. That is at least a 20% profitability mark up guaranteed for the first year of our partnership. Increasing evermore after. Read below to see how you can join.

If you didnt have to think about your product supply, what would you do?

Say, someone consistently builds high-quality, ready-to-live houses for you to sell to your

customers. Made from exclusively sourced Nordic timber, these houses attract the attention of your customers. Manufactured at scale under long-term partnerships, they offer a price hard to beat. And, to top it off, premium-crafted wooden aesthetics attract even the pickiest of eyes.

If you had a supplier providing you with those, what would you spend your time doing?

If you’re like many people, you’d get down to living the life you enjoy, and allowing your business to run autopilot. Maybe you’d go to the Maldives, perhaps to Bali, or maybe you’d spend more time with your loved ones.

After all, you would’ve added a highly-demanded product to supplement the turnover of your venture.

To this day, 100% of our partners experience profitable sales with at least a 20% profit on our Nordic-timber made log structures.

With our Partner Program, we want to help businesses thrive, not just survive, and offer exceptional quality products at an affordable price to the public.

Pick from our range or place a bespoke order — we’ll tailor our offering to your needs.

Put simply, its an astonishingly simple supply system that guarantees on-time delivery of

premium-quality log structures. Think of it as your own factory — one that produces what you

need, when you need and is continuously adapting to the needs of your customers. But its much more than that.


Get in touch today and lets talk the future of your business — 100% of the partners that source from us report being happy with the quality of our log structures.

Unbelievable? Its the truth. Try for yourself.