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Glulam log cabins in Canada: building permits Pt. 2

In our last post regarding glulam log cabins in Canada, we have covered the basic things to keep in mind when looking for land. To follow up on that, we will also cover the question of land zoning. Just like in the United States, zoning is important and could determine whether you can build your dream cabin there or not. Another topic is the deal with the Conservation Authority. And lastly we will tackle a few extra facts to keep in mind.

Zoning land in Canada

Different land zones determine what buildings can be built in the area. Every country has their own determinations, so you should always check with local authorities. But in very general terms, there can be industrial, commercial and residential zones. With some slight exceptions, it’s pretty much how it sounds like. Residential is what you’re actually looking for when building bespoke log cabins.

The Conservation Authority

Land that is regulated by the Conservation Authority will be difficult to purchase. It’s usually pristine nature locations or places where wildlife is running freely. Permits in places like these are also notoriously pricey. And even if you will manage to secure a permit, there might be extra building guidelines to follow. Of course, we’re not saying it’s impossible to buy land regulated by this authority. The only thing to keep in mind is the fact that it’s going to take longer, get expensive and can prove to be trickier in building any glulam log homes. Consult the sales agent that will be facilitating the sale of the plot whether it’s regulated by the Conservation Authority. If it’s not the effort you want to put in, might as well find out about it now and not waste your time.

Other things to consider

Building log cabin homes on a place that you chose does sound like a dream come true for many people. Buying modular log homes will provide you with freedom, speed and flexibility when taking up the construction project. All log homes and log cabins made by Eurodita arrive to their final destination in pre-built pieces that fit together not unlike a puzzle. While we always recommend hiring professionals, with a little bit of skill, you can even build them up yourself. And just because you opt for prefab cabin kits, it doesn’t mean they cannot come out unique. Bespoke log cabins come in variety of designs, often times created and produced from scratch. It’s a much cheaper option that building a classic log house. More than that, a log cabins supplier can provide you with all the necessary information regarding your chosen cabins and locations.

Last thing to keep in mind is the eco-friendly aspect of your glulam log home. Glue lamination doesn’t leak unwanted chemicals into the environment. It also provides good insulation, reducing the need for heating. Since the construction doesn’t require so many materials, the whole affair will require less junk to be taken away afterwards. Because of the ability to build bespoke log cabins, it’s also possible to design something that completely satisfies your needs and is neither too big, or too small. Always keep the environment in mind!


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