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Glulam House Plans – Perfect For Those Who Want A Traditional Look

glulam house

Glulam House Plans – Perfect For Those Who Want A Traditional Look

Glulam House is the most preferred choice of many people. This traditional house is built from clay and it is one of the oldest houses in Kerala, India. It was first discovered in the year nineteen eighty-nine by an English Captain while sailing in the house on a small fishing vessel. The house stands at about a hundred and seventy-two meters and was built with brick masonry.

The building of the house was done in the traditional manner and is located on a three acre plot. There are various stories and rooms in the traditional house. There is an attached bungalow which was built by Captain William Cook who is also the founder of the Glulam House. The traditional house has been restored and is now listed as a heritage site.

These house plans are in a state of the art and will surely suit your needs. There are many homes built in this traditional style and are renowned all over India. It has the most magnificent traditional interiors.

One of the major features of the house is the presence of coconut fridges in the kitchen. A traditional Indian home has a stove which is usually made of clay and a large sized fridge placed beside it. It is powered by an electricity plug fitted under the counter. The other features include a hanging tap and a traditional Indian style sink with a wooden top.

Glulam houses have a lot of modern features as well. In addition to the traditional home decor, the modern glu-lum features are also present in these homes. These include a TV lounge, a game room, a library, a guestroom and a separate bedroom. A special bath is also available for guests.

Glulam House plans are available online and one can easily find the ideal home design that suits their budget. These house plans are based on traditional Indian architectural styles. They are especially designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the people living in a particular locality. This allows them to build homes that are perfect both functionally and aesthetically. The designs available also ensure that the cost of construction is kept minimal. Moreover, since these houses are handmade, the quality of construction is also high.

Since traditional house plans are available online, people don’t have to go out looking for them. All one has to do is sit in front of their computer and search for them. One can also check out different sites and get the required information. One of the best things about these traditional plans is that they are easy to construct. Even a first time builder can put them up in less than 24 hours.

Apart from the traditional charm that glu-lum house plans offer, one of their major advantages is that they conserve energy. As a result, they help reduce electricity bills and improve the air quality in the locality. In addition to this, they provide security to the residents. Since they use traditional designs, they are difficult to break into. Furthermore, since the house plans are hand-crafted, one is guaranteed of getting a house plan that is perfect in every detail.

Glulam house plans are perfect for anyone who wants to build his house over an open land. It helps in accomplishing this feat without much hassle. One can choose from different kinds of glu-lum roofs. They are made of clay and thus, are very easy to install.

These traditional designs come in two categories – one for a single room and the other for multiple rooms. If you are looking to construct a house with multiple rooms, then a glu-lum house plan is just right for you. With its multiple roof plans, one can ensure that each and every corner of the house will receive adequate sunlight. Thus, it not only provides warmth to the inhabitants of the house but also improves the general appearance of the area. To make the most of a glu-lum house, one can include different kinds of features such as balconies, perimeters, and terraces.

These are very easy to build and thus, save one a lot of time and money. Thus, it is just right for anyone to give these house plans a try. One just needs to devote some time and effort in constructing his or her dream house using this unique plan. However, make sure that you have all the required materials ready before you begin with the construction process. Otherwise, your hard work will all be in vain.

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