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Glamping away: find out all essentials about glamping pods

There’s no denying that in the post-pandemic worlds, travel and holidays will look different. In a lot of places, we won’t be able to travel across borders so easily. A lot of travel industry representatives predict a rise in localised holidays, where people from cities will look more and more escape as close as possible to the wilderness. One thing that’s not predicted to change is the possibility to keep all the comforts of city life while staying in a remote area with close friends and family.

That’s exactly where glamping comes into play. It’s a word that’s made up of glamorous and camping, emphasising the need for accessible amenities and comforts while camping away in rural or semi-wild areas. This demand from the market was answered with glamping pods – a kind of classic camping pods that also contain all the comforts of a flat within the space of a tent. While it sounds too good to be true, we as the bespoke log cabin company can firmly say – it’s completely true and possible.

Functional and chic

Insulated Camping Pod Emprise 3

Luxury camping pods are touted for their functionality and ability to fit the amenities of a small plat within the space of a tent. That’s true, especially with the type of camping pods that Eurodita can offer. We assemble full pod home kits that are insulated, have electric wiring prepped and even include wooden furniture like a double bed, benches and more. The roof comes covered in strong bitumen shingles, and the entire structure can reach you pre-assembled.

But this incredible functionality doesn’t come at the cost of looks. On the contrary, each glamping pod is very elegant and cozy. The light timber used in its construction creates a sense of airy lightness and gives way for flexible interior design. Camping has truly become glamorous and chic!


Glue lamination process strengthens the timber planks and calibrates them into even pieces that can be assembled together without any finger joints. This provides incredible longevity to all houses built with glulam, camping pods included. Due to the specific production process, the timber is dried out to the exact levels needed to stop the timber from shrinking.

Glue lamination doesn’t have any known negative affect on the environment. The production process, when done from sustainable timber sources, allows the forests to grow back. Each glamping pod or log house will stand for a long time, eliminating the need for rebuilding.

Flexible camping pods

Luxury camping pods come in many styles. That’s the beauty of them: each glamping pod is flexible and can be adapted to the needs of every buyer. If you are an individual looking to place such camping pods in your back yard, we have options for smaller camping pods that play the role of a garden room, or a guest room.

If you’re a business owner, looking to provide extensive camping options, there are even more options available for camping pods B2B style. Our catalogue is full of pods in different sizes. You can choose them depending on the amount of interior changes you are planning to provide. We can also discuss the possibilities of designing a completely new glamping pod concept, just for your business.

Final thoughts

Glamping as an activity is here to stay. Travel and leisure industries are bound to look for ways to adapt and we at Eurodita are striving to keep up with new trends. Our catalogue is always being updated with the news camping pods and other contemporary log cabin designs. We’re also constantly expanding our partner network, offering great delivery services and flat packed structure transportation right to the construction site. We encourage you to reach out and let’s talk business!

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