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Getting backyard log cabins in Australia

Expanding your backyard is always an awesome yet challenging project. Whatever the changes, it often comes down to custom log cabins as centre pieces in every backyard design. Every country has different regulations regarding backyard construction. In this post, we will focus on the legislation regarding Australia and things you need and need not do regarding your courtyard renovation projects.

A lot of people decide against glulam log cabins or sheds in their backyard. That’s because a mere thoughts of going through the local council procedure induces negative feelings. What is often overlooked is the fact that the procedure can be much simpler than originally thought. Or in some cases, there may not need to be a procedure at all.

If we’re talking about large contemporary log cabin homes, of course you will need a permit for that. However, if you’re interested in adding a small garden shed, or something as simple as a garden room or garden office, things get much simpler. A lot of the following information depends on where in Australia you live. To check up on local legislation, you will need to at least give the proper authorities a ring.

But in general, a lot of states have many exemptions when it comes to building in your own back yard.  For example, in New South Wales, you are allowed to use small cabin kits to construct a shed that’s up to 20 sq. m. in size and under 3m height. Buildings this size do not require additional approval and are mandated at the state, not local level.

garden shed and some garden rooms from our catalogue would be perfect fits for this type of building. This kind of legislations all comes down to the intended use of glulam log cabins. If you construct this cabin as a shed for storing tools, or a garden room to work in, you are indeed going to stay exempt from any permits. But as soon as you would upgrade that log cabin into a separate dwelling, you will have to apply for a permit and change the registered use of the building. So, for example, if you pick a garden room like the Harrow and decide to install a bathroom there, you will not be required to change the permit type. However, if you also decide to squeeze a kitchenette in there, the local authority will deem it liveable and hence will require you to change the permit type.

Keep in mind that these are general rules that may vary depending on where you live. The size of the garden shed and allowed amenities are especially necessary to be watched. As the bespoke log cabin company, we at Eurodita always advise to consult your log cabins supplier. It’s the nature of their business that requires them to know every little detail about the legislation and documentation necessary for the successful registration of glulam log cabins. Take care, be smart about it and pick the best garden shed or a garden room for your project!




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