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Garden choices: pavilion or log shed?

In our posts, we have covered topics of choosing, building and decorating bespoke log homes and standard log cabin. Once you have your dream log home, it’s time to think about the surrounding area – namely the garden. Not just landscaping it and choosing the garden style, but also useful buildings for various purposes.

At Eurodita, we produce not just bespoke timber houses and bespoke log cabin homes. We also make smaller timber structures, such as garden rooms, timber pavilions, log car posts and so much more. In this post, we are going to cover some timber structures as options for your garden. Depending on the type of garden you are planning to landscape, there are options available for you. There’s also the question of the size of your garden and how much of it you will be willing to use for this purpose. So without further ado, let’s cover some timber structures for the garden.

Log sheds

A useful structure if your garden is vast and includes growing of fruits and vegetables. Our log sheds are made from Northern pine planks of 19mm thickness. This type of wood produces beautiful, light-coloured planks. They’re compact and can easily store gardening equipment. We have a plethora of sizes to choose from so you can easily pick the one that fits your garden size.


A great option when you want to create a leisure space in your garden. No matter the size, pavilions immediately organise your garden space into a place for outdoor dinner, a resting corner for reading or just a place to get away from the sun. It’s a great option if your garden is medium ir large. In this case, you can event opt to have a pavilion as well as a log shed and connect them with an elegant foot path. Our pavilions, just like all our constructions, are made from Northern pine, which makes it stand out as a refreshing, beautiful structure. They can be produced bespoke, of any size you require.

Garden rooms

A topic we have covered extensively in our previous post. A garden room can serve a great many purposes. It can be a work station in the middle of the garden, to get away from distractions while staying closer to the nature. It can also replace log sheds, however, garden rooms come with thicker walls and contain heat much better. This makes them perfect for work rooms, as well as great playrooms for children. Garden rooms can also become great locations for relaxation and in warm summer months – even a room for guest sleep over.


Another great addition to your garden. This is a great option if your garden is too small to accommodate a full built garage. Carports are built to secure your cars from rain and snow, while looking more elegant and taking up less space. It’s a great addition to a small property, or if you don’t want to draw too much attention to the car parking. We have a few options of standard carport design, or we can produce a bespoke carport that suits your garden needs. Our carports, just like all our buildings, are made from the Norther pine, which makes them light and elegant.

Whichever building you choose, make sure to plan according to your garden possibilities. We are always open for consults and advice. You’re free to present us with your garden plan and we can offer our advice based on size and intended use. We’re very happy to produce bespoke garden rooms, carports and log sheds for variety of purposes and them unique to every client. Good luck!


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