Five cabin interior design styles that will inspire your wooden home

Posted Sep 30, 2021, Category: How-to

in an earlier piece we have discussed certain design aspects of your unique log home. It’s a good article to learn more about creating your own interior. In this article, we’d prefer to take a more expansive approach and show a range of design styles that are common and fairly simple to apply.

In this article we will go over five interior design ideas that can be used to create an ideal log home made of glulam. In more than 27 years in the business here at Eurodita have seen many of these houses built and thrived. We’ll offer our most unbiased suggestions. If you’re a person who wants to market the idea of a modern log cabin design This is an ideal place to begin.

Industrial design

A minimalist, functional designthat focuses on revealing metal details and distressed walls. The most commonly used metal is copper, which lends the room a rustic look. Furniture must be modern and practical. The walls that are painted are popular due to their unique distressed look. They could be natural or white. If you are considering this style start by choosing whether you’d prefer to keep it elegant and contemporary or choose a more dark and more vintage-inspired. This can give you the foundation to choose the best colours for the centrepieces and accents. Sharp angles and large windows give a more mature look for your log house.

Bohemian style

The construction of a glulam-wooden house could be quite an exciting venture. It is likely to be situated close to a lake, or in the forests. Being close to nature can bring the feeling of adventure and a nomadic way of life just for a few days. If you’d like this feeling to be the main driving inspiration behind your log house Bohemian is the best option.

There are bright colors in your interior and framed by ambient earthy hues that you can see on the walls. It is important to add textiles to everything such as blankets, pillows and even rugs. We recommend using metallic and fur decor elements to highlight the nomadic vibe. Patterns that are tribal and rough wooden furniture can reinforce this feeling of bohemia but without appearing rough. Bohemian fashion is a must The main objective is to look messy , without appearing too messy.

Modern urban style

This design transforms your contemporary urban loft to your basic custom log cabin for your home. Its design, like in every loft, saves space by using elegant furniture that is of a consistent appearance. Colors tend to be lighter, so if your cabin is constructed of lighter wood like Northern pine it is best to leave it in that state. Modern urban styles can be an ideal solution for small cabins. It can make spaces appear larger and transforms every corner into a functional.

Flea market design

This style is often referred to as the shabby chic style by professional interior designers. The aim for this design is to create the appearance of a random flea market, which is your log cabin made of glulam. It’s cozy and rustic, and a number of antique items are able to be repurposed for this reason. For example, mirrors that are stained a but can be an excellent accent to this design. Plates and cups that are not matched that are in a worn-out cupboard can also be a great complement to this style.

Walls are usually distressed and whitewashed. They can also be left in their wood state or dyed to an ambient color. The emphasis should instead be given to the myriad of worn-out details which give the warm vintage feel.

Seaside Hut style

If you’re looking for a relaxed style, soft feel for your log house the seaside hut, or nautical style is an excellent option. It is also a great choice in the event that your construction of a glulam house is located close to the ocean. This way, the style will reflect the region the log home is constructed in.

White is the most color used in this type of setting. In addition, blue or green sea accents may be used to give that breezy appearance and add some energy. The furniture could make use of a large amount of wood that is not finished or be distressed and used. This can create a vintage cozy feel, while maintaining the breeze of home. Make sure to include sea-related decorative elements, like seashells, images of boats, ropes, and other nautical items.

Whatever style you decide to go with ensure you be aware of the space you’re working in. If it’s a smaller log cabin, your decor should make the most of every square inch of available space and draw out what’s not there. If you have a larger log home, you might be able to accommodate a more intentional mess and a romantic, breezy feel. Whatever your goals, ensure you have a plan in place before you start taking action. Best of luck!