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Find the Perfect Summer House Shed

Posted Oct 26, 2022

summer house shed

A summer house shed can be a wonderful option to expand your outdoor living area, whether you are keen on gardening or looking for a bit of peace. There are many options available, meaning it’s easy to find the perfect summer home for your garden. DEUTSCH (TM) My-Shed streamlines the process of constructing the ideal outdoor space. DEUTSCH (TM) is a summer house, that is practically maintenance-free thanks to its customizable resin manufacturing.

Posh Shed Company

Posh Shed Company creates luxury garden sheds that have many additional features. The custom sheds come with screws for security, a pent roof and a veranda. To prevent theft, most of these sheds have a padlock or latch at the door. Posh Shed Company sheds come with a 20-year guarantee.

The Posh Shed Company specialises in creating and building wooden sheds by hand. Each building is constructed by hand using high-end materials. Each shed is designed for durability, functionality, and stun. Posh Shed Company has a reputation for quality and durability. Posh Shed Company has even expanded its relationship with the RHS to create The Garden Retreat, which is an inspiring, practical space.

Posh Shed Company offers kits to build summer homes. They are perfect for people with smaller gardens and sides-returns. These structures are sturdy and have a 35mm x35mm frame, and 15mm tongue-and-groove walls. Hidden hinges as well as an unfinished wood floor that measures 14mm are also included in these structures. They are additionally fitted with a wooden base kit including a workbench, shelving with solar lights and alarm padlocks.


Lugarde is a sturdy and stable summer shed. Lugarde’s patent-pending building systems are exceptionally durable and robust. They also resist the elements of rain and wind. Additionally, you can customize your summerhouse’s design to meet your specific needs. Select from several designs, which include those that feature a veranda.

The majority of summerhouses are made out of pinewood, which is an easy material to build with. Pinewood grown in northern regions is generally the most suitable choice since it grows slowly and better quality. To prevent mould from developing, make sure you have adequate ventilation. Lugarde has a wide selection of video tutorials as well as DIY guides to follow.

Lugarde sheds are modern and modern in their design. They do not just provide storage for garden tools but they also offer a stylish aesthetic appeal. Made in the Netherlands, Lugarde summer house sheds can be purchased with single or double-glazed windows and doors. The doors can be fitted with the standard left-handed opening.


To increase natural sunlight The Keter My-Shed has a skylight strip made of poly-carbonate. The apex roof’s roof ridge provides an airy feel due to its elevenx7 1/2-foot footprint. The two windows are made of polycarbonate and offer safety from accidents involving glass as well as a timeless look to the summer house shed. Window boxes can also be placed.

You can paint this shed according to your taste and fashion. Paints should be used in a semi-gloss or gloss finish and come in a wide variety of colours. It is possible to purchase paint from your local hardware stores. Important to remember that vinyl flooring is painted on the exterior and note the interior. The rest of the shed is made of polypropylene.

The base is level and stops leaning forces. In addition, tongue & groove edging assists in keeping the panels and doors aligned to the base. In addition to preventing leaning, the thickset resin bed is reinforced specifically to handle the pressure from a tractor and mower. The bed also includes anchors for greater stability.

Houses for summer in corner spaces

If you’re looking for an inexpensive garden structure that can fit into an area that is corner-shaped, this Corner Summer House is the perfect solution. It isn’t a lot of areas, so it is put in a comfortable location. This building is of high quality and is easy to put together. It is ideal for relaxing and entertaining your guests as well as giving a great deal of area to your backyard.

It is available in different sizes. The most well-known is the seven-foot-wide Corner Summerhouse. However, if you’re looking for a larger summerhouse, you can choose the 8’x8′ or 9’x9 model. Both are offered with the option of pressure treatment. Tiger Sheds currently offers 15 per cent savings on their wood buildings by using the Coupon code “BANK15”. Take advantage of this offer by checking out all of our summer houses.

A corner summer home can make an unattractive garden into a space that is ideal for relaxing and entertaining. It can be used as an area for your private spa or even a bar. The house can also be used as a studio at home for filming on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. It doesn’t matter what purpose you intend to use it for, the corner summerhouse is a great investment that will produce great performance over time.

Hip roofs

There are several benefits to using hip roofs for your summer house shed. Firstly, they are perfect for the rooflines of modern houses. The slope of a roof with a hip is in the range of five to 12 degrees in the direction of the building. It will be stable and won’t be destroyed by wind or any other external forces. Also, you can pick from many different shapes and colours.

Another advantage to the hip roof is that they are relatively cheap to change. It doesn’t need to be replaced every couple of years, provided that the roof is sturdy. You can also alter the roofing materials on the roof in a matter of minutes. Bitumen roofing shingles are easily changed. They’re also affordable. Also, you can select a roofing material such as EPDM rubber and green roofing felt.

Hip roofs appear more similar to modern homes and can be appealing to the eye. They’re an excellent alternative for pool houses or playhouses. Because they’re so flexible, you’ll be able to choose the dimension and style of the structure to match the design of your home.

Pent roofs

Summer house sheds with pent roofs tend to have a more gentle slope over Apex roofs, as well as an extra foot of headroom. The extra inches can be beneficial in terms of storage space and also for individuals, especially taller ones. It is also possible to blend both styles. Both designs look great and provide many advantages. These are just a few. Choosing one over the other has no impact on the functionality of your summer house shed.

Apex roofs are an extremely popular type of roofing that is used for gardens and sheds. They provide more headroom at the centre and less at the ends. They are often used for workshops as they stand out when viewed from the outside. On the other hand, pent roofs offer a more uniform height and blend into the overall design more effectively.

Apex shed roofs look similar to pent roofs, but they have more sides. This type of roof is more common in Britain and consists of two roof sections that join in the middle. It is also possible to slope. If you want a steeper slope for your summer house shed, you can opt to have an apex roof. Pent roofs have an easier slope but can still suffer from an increase in water.

Double doors for hip roofs with double doors

If you’re looking for an outdoor shed that has double doors You might want to consider a hip roof, also known as a pent roof. The roof of this style is made up of four parts that join in the middle. It is usually smaller than typical apex sheds. Pent roofs can appear quite boxy but these summerhouses provide plenty of storage and can be very useful.

The roofing of your summer house should be attractive and provide an adequate level of protection on the inside. The summerhouses usually are situated in the most stunning section of your garden, so you’ll want to choose a roof that complements the surroundings. Before you plant, build a waterproof structure, and then make it stronger.

Another benefit to this style of summerhouse includes the hip roof. It gives easy access to the inside however it can also help keep the cool air from the inside. If constructed properly, a summerhouse will be sturdy for a long time. There are two and three-door versions, as well as the option of a double or single-door summerhouse. If you opt for a double-door summerhouse, it is possible to put in three-way locks. A pre-hung or custom-designed summerhouse can be bought.

Apex roofs

The summer home shed uses Gable ends and apex roofing. The type of roof you choose is also known as a “power shed” or “power shed”. The roof’s gables should be flush with its gable ends. It’s important to follow the instructions for your purchased item to construct your apex building.

An apex roof is the most popular choice to build summer houses. It offers a range of designs and benefits over other kinds of roofs. It is extremely flexible as it allows for a wide range of roofing materials. Its angled edges give extra headroom and allow water to drain more easily.

A pent roof. The pent roof type is also sometimes called the lean-to. Pent roofing differs from apex roofing in that it has only one slope. It is simpler to build and also has a more rectangular appearance. These roofs can prove to be beneficial for many.

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