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As part of our showcase series, we show another of our log houses made of glulam in the form of Riga. The log home was constructed on two levels, and has four bedrooms and a stunning high-end residential design. It’s big and the roof is adorned with dormers. The back door opens onto an outdoor patio. Glulam log home Riga is designed for those who want a classic design that exudes luxuriously. In this show we will explain the way that the materials and methods used to create that luxurious feel and how bespoke production could make the best options for design. Without further delay, this is the log house made of glulam Riga as well as all of the amazing aspects of it.

Premium materials

The definition of luxury is determined through the materials it’s constructed from. Glulam log home Riga stands out with top quality Northern pine, a wood solid by nature. It develops slowly, with each ring strengthening the durability of the wood. After the process of lamination, the material gets even more robust and durable. The best thing about Northern wood is the color and flexibility. It’s extremely light, allowing every shade to maintain its true color. It’s also useful in many situations of construction, not the last of which are custom log cabins as well as houses, which we’ll be covering in the near future.

In addition It can also be used for the construction of high-quality doors and windows for residential use that glulam log home Riga comes with. In its basic form like the one you will see it in the photo it is constructed from wood and it arrives at the home of your customer ready to be put together. The only thing you need to get is the roof shingles and interior. If properly maintained – and that includes dyeing every 2 to 3 years, based on the weather Log homes constructed of glulam like Riga can last for years.

Custom-designed construction

At Eurodita We are proud as the custom-made manufacturers of the dreams. This is the reason why the glulam log home Riga was created. It was the dream of someone to build a quality residential log house that we were honored to have the privilege of creating and creating. There are many steps in how we approach the customized requests we receive.

The first step is to collect all details through our supplier. This includes dimensions designs, styles, and other design requirements. Like the log home in Riga The design requirement was a classic style with luxurious and comfortable elements. We fulfilled this first using 3D models. We use an application that lets us offer our partners virtual models of the log homes they wanted their customers to view. Thanks to this private labeling approach, the partners could use the 3D model to create their own offerings.

Then, when the log house made of glulam Riga was born digitally in its final form, we took it into production. Our customers who place an order get their wood beams already packed flat and ready to construct. Every kit includes everything needed by our partners to build a complete wooden frame. The frame will have high-quality, solid doors and windows as well as walls and other constructions upon your request.

Two-storey design

Glulam log home Riga offers four bedrooms with its original design Two bedrooms are at the top and one on the bottom. This makes it ideal for families of five or four to be able to stay comfortably. There is also plenty of room for innovative ideas for design. A living space that is open and kitchen. A private workroom. A dining room. A comfortable reading space with a sloping roof. The possibilities are endless within the limits of the glulam log home Riga. The design of the interior is entirely at the disposal of our collaborators or customers. We provide them with the most effective canvas they can use.

It’s worth the time and effort

Custom-designed log homes are worth the effort and time put into the construction of them. There is nothing quite like creating and decorating your own home and log homes aren’t an exception. Particularly because they can be built with a specific design, based on the exact specifications and requirements of your customers. Glulam log home Riga is just one example. Our catalog is full of log houses constructed on orders and we are pleased to offer them to other partners , too.

Each, as the log house Riga is constructed from robust Northern pine that has gone through the process of strengthening glue lamination. All of them feature in their construction kits doors and windows that are of a high standard for residential construction They are all transported to the site in flat packaging, ready to be built.

It’s worth it for us and we hope that our customers will do similarly. We can accommodate the most flexible orders that our production lines allow and we will meet your needs on every occasion.

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