Your client’s dream cabin: how to make it real

Posted Sep 15, 2020, Category: Business

Our partners have lots of various end customers that all imagine their dream log cabin differently. Some want a classic, standard log cabin and nothing fancier than that. Other dream of contemporary log cabin designs that resemble a high-end residential home rather than a log cabin. There are also those that want their log cabins to be transformed into custom log homes that are different from anything ever built. Whichever the end client, our partners have entrusted their production capabilities to us and it is now our job to deliver every individual dream that has been ordered.

With 27 years of manufacturing bespoke dreams, we have accumulated quite a knowledge base on how to acquire all the necessary information in order to make that dream a reality. Our bespoke order system guides our partners through the process of placing their order. That guidance they can also use to ask the right questions of their clients and receive all the necessary answers. In this blog post, we will go over some of the most essential information that we require in order to successfully pass an order into production. With it, we will share how our partners can use this knowledge with their own clients and what questions they need to ask them.

Basic information 

Here you can see the image of our bespoke order form. Each field is required for us to successfully form a blueprint and model of the final product. Filling it out helps us immensely. Any notes on the general look of the final glulam house design are also very welcome, as they help paint the full picture of the final look of the project. All references to our current designs are also possible, as they can serve as strong bases for a new, individual design. Finally, besides the contacts to communicate with, we welcome files with blueprints, layouts or even hand-drawn sketches to help us visualise that dream log house.

Ask the customer

Filling out this form requires a fair bit of preparation from our partner’s perspective. This is also exactly the time to ask the right questions of the end customer. First and foremost, we always suggest to go through the models available on our catalogue and see if they took a liking to any existing designs. Our designs are versatile and can be adaptive with their dimensions in order to fit a specific request.

The other option is to use an existing design as a base and make changes from there. Perhaps the client would like the roof design of the log house Riga? A partner could work from there and design a new glulam house design with same type of roof. Of perhaps a client found interest in the design of glulam house London, but would like to scale it up and add several details. Working like that can also expedite the selection process, all the while delivering us, the producer, a frame of reference to work with. This also hastens the offer delivery and production process, as we can use the knowledge we already have during the manufacture.

Finally, if the client really want something unique and expresses their wishes clearly, the questionnaire becomes much more detailed. First and foremost, the purpose of their dream glulam log homes. Is it a permanent residence, or a summer retreat? Will it be populated often? How many people will have to stay there comfortably? Then the questions should also revolve over the style: should it be the Nordic style? Or something more elaborate, like the Midwest hunting lodges? Are there any specific doors and windows that the clients wants used? Are there any specific spaces that have to be created? How much land will be available for construction? We are under no impression that your customer would be able tell you the exact measurements of the building, those you will have to do on your own. However, it’s much easier to do, once you agreed on the exact design of the log house and know the scale of the project.

We highly recommend writing down the majority of these questions, so you can keep track of the information. From it, you can measure and sketch the final product before sending it over to us for the final order. We will return a full offer, with the price, layout and a 3D model of the log house of your customer’s dreams. Together, we can deliver the best results and make your customers happy.