Which log structures can be used as public buildings?

Posted Sep 17, 2020, Category: Lists

When thinking about public buildings, usually what we think about are large, concrete and marble structures that loom overhead. Or buildings like schools, community spaces, perhaps overcrowded public offices. And this image is mostly true in the large urban areas. However, in smaller communities that live away the the city, or in general gather and live in smaller scale, these large building are more often a burden, rather than a blessing. It takes much to keep them clean and in good condition, costs a fortune to keep heated during cold months. If these buildings exist at all.

Given this situation, we would like to propose and give examples of contemporary log cabins, log homes and custom mobile homes that could serve as a suitable and efficient substitute to these buildings. Almost every model that is presented on our catalogue can be converted into the functioning public space. This is a great niche for our partners and is definitely waiting to be explored, if given the chance. So let us review several models of our timber structures and see how they could serve a community and its greater good.

Bespoke mobile homes

Mobile homes can be used as schools and separate classrooms. Due to its elongated shape, the blackboard can be hung at the back, while the desks can be put up one after the other. Depending on their size, customer mobile homes can also house a teacher’s room, a storage room, communal space and more. If there is a need to separate classrooms to a higher degree, several mobile homes can be purchased and put close together, or on opposite sides of the area. Mobile homes are great for small, remote communities that wish to have a school in a sturdy, comfortable building, but do not, or cannot build the classic school structure.

BBQ huts

As is fitting to their origins, BBQ huts can serve as communal sauna and bathing houses. They come pre-built, in very small sizes and can still fit up to 4 people or more, depending on the model. A conglomeration of these BBQ huts can be used as a public sauna area. On a private property, in the recreational industry, they can also be used by an entire cohort, staying on the camping area. BBQ huts can also be used as additional services in trailer parks, camping grounds. In small, party or wholly isolated communities, these grillikotas can serve their original purpose as communal bath houses and socialising areas.

Open-air wooden structures

On our catalogue, our partners will be able to find timber structures that are designed to be used outside and for shelter. Structures like the Wooden Pavilion or Open BBQ hut Air 1 and Air 2. All of these models can be successfully used in public parks and supplemented by BBQ grills, sports and other activities’ areas. They can provide a great place for people to eat and socialise in, without them needing to leave the city. Both can also serve as shelters from the rain and a fun outdoor activity.

Glulam log houses

Almost any of the designs made by Eurodita can be used as public spaces. Whether it’s for social gathering of the community, the central administration office of the community’s leadership, or a multi-functional centre for all sorts of activities. The best part about our contemporary log home kits is that they can all be produced as custom log homes. This gives the community freedom to decide how they would want their public space to look like and do so flexibly. There is no need to spend a fortune on large, expensive buildings while the flexible glulam house construction is an option.

Working with the public sector is much different than working with the private one and we understand that completely. Yet, it’s possible to offer something useful and good to the communities in urban and rural areas alike, using glulam houses and other structures. We hope some of our partners may be able to explore this option and offer them to communities in need.