Top 3 camping solutions for glulam enthusiasts

Posted Mar 30, 2021, Category: Lists

Sometimes, camping is the best option to get a taste for log cabin living. And it’s no wonder, when contemporary log cabins are getting so comfortable, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention people who want a small summer house, a winter retreat, or just a place to have a weekend getaway. They are surely entitled to log cabins experience too.

When your clients come to you asking for a camping solution, or short-term stay options, rest assured you will have what to offer. At Eurodita, we make sure to have as many log home kits’ options as possible. As log home suppliers, we also provide designs that offer the camping experience – from simplicity to full luxury. So in this post, we will present 3 options to introduce your client to when choosing the camping experience.

Camping bus Siesta 2

Top 3 camping solutions for glulam enthusiasts

For warm summers, remote stay between the trees or on the edge of water – camping bus Siesta 2 is a no-brainer. A single room design, with enough space for a comfy bed and storage, this camping bus is also quite portable. It doesn’t require concrete foundations or any other complex building solutions. Instead, it can be assembled on the spot and even relocated with special vehicles.

Camping bus Siesta 2 is part of a line of camping buses that differ in size. This line offers a camping experience, not dissimilar to camping with tents. Here the walls are sturdier, there’s the possibility of beds and definitely a roof over the head.

Insulated camping pod Opula

Top 3 camping solutions for glulam enthusiasts

For a truly luxurious camping experience, there’s the camping pod Opula. This beauty comes equipped with the electrical installation, insulation, all prepped and ready to be assembled on the spot. Opula can also be transported fully assembled and ready to used. The camping pod has enough space for a bathroom, a kitchen and even two beds. It’s a fantastic option for clients that want to experience the adventure of remote camping without leaving any of the luxuries behind.

Opula also comes with wooden furniture. The camping pod can be insulated using Thermo wood, to make it suitable for cold season stays. Winters will truly look like wonderlands through the windows of the camping pod Opula.

Mobile home Clyde

Who said you should be camping alone? Group holidays or hostel-like offers for travellers can be solved with the mobile home Clyde. Made from glue laminated wood, Clyde boasts 3 bedrooms and enough room for a spacious kitchen, bathroom, dining area and even storage.

Top 3 camping solutions for glulam enthusiasts

Mobile homes are a much more versatile type of construction that people give it credit. While it absolutely has to fit on a truck and be movable, a well-built mobile home can serve as a great holiday location. Glulam technology brings wood into so many more shapes that even the oldest classics can be revamped and repurposed.

Honorable mentions

If your clients are looking for the middle ground between luxury and simplicity – log cabin Windermere is the way to go. A single-space log cabin that can easily house a family of two. And if the extent of the vacation ends in the back yard, modern glulam garden office Harrow is your friend.

Final thoughts

Glue lamination has brought so many different advantages in the log cabin industry. We cover the extent to which new materials are transforming the market in our previous post. There are always options for your clients, even if you can’t find anything right now in our catalogue.

We in the business of log home manufacture are always ready to take bespoke orders. So, if your clients describe their dreams and want to add personal touch to them, take one of our designs as the base and build on it. Our partners have been doing so for years and we have built many great glulam log homes together. Let’s talk business too!