Solve your carpark: top 5 reasons to pick a log garage

Posted Jan 25, 2021, Category: Advice

During the quarantine, we are finding fewer and fewer reasons to drive our cars around. Whether it’s going to do the shopping or going out for a social-distancing walk, a car is becoming less and less relevant. Not only that, the movement for carbon-neutral livelihood is gaining momentum. More and more people are finding car substitutes or simply opt for an electric variant. Meanwhile, our cars are parked outside. In the rain, snow and general dampness, that is not good news for the vehicle. That is why now it’s more important than ever to shelter your car, until you really need it. If you’re still wondering what is the best course of action, consider a log garage. In this post, we will cover 5 great reasons why that is the best option.

Easy to construct

Just like glulam log cabins, glulam log garages are very easy to construct. Most of them don’t even require a concrete base. Eurodita’s log garages arrive to you in pre-built pieces that easily fit together. It takes less time, less people and less headache to construct on a number of property types.

Cheaper than brick garage

Since it takes less time and effort, it’s natural to assume that log garages are also cheaper. While it really depends on the alternative, if you plan to build a garage out of bricks, glulam log garage might be a better option. It won’t take a large team of contractors to build a log garage, which already brings the price down. It also won’t require you to have the concrete base laid (depending on the model), which also brings the price down. Lastly, Eurodita’s log garages are very flexible: their size can be adjusted to a variety of needs and budgets.

Low maintenance 

A lot of garages have a tendency to be left to the mercy of the elements and time. It’s possible to do so with glulam log garages as well. A good top varnish to protect against the sun rays and dampness will go a long way. The glue lamination process produces sturdy log planks that serve for a long time. While we always recommend renewing the top varnish every 2 to 3 years, the glue treatment strengthens the planks so, they are going to last a long time.

Elegant design

In addition to all the technical and practical bonuses, the aesthetics always play a part in people’s homes. Log garages are light, elegant and can be painted in any colour. They are likely to fit into most courtyards and designated locations. Glulam log garages look especially great when paired with contemporary residential log cabins. They blend into the general setup of the property and look like they have always been a part of it – even if built much later. Elegance also comes in shapes and sizes. From small single-vehicle log garages, to large, two-storey garages with storage space – glulam logs make them look elegant and breezy.

No building permits 

With few exceptions, glulam log garages do not require a separate building permit. If their size is within the norms of your local laws, just like with garden offices, you should not have problems constructing them. If you are running into trouble and would like a less bureaucratic solution – consider glulam car ports just as well. They are a great option if you simply want to cover your vehicle with a roof. These carports are compact and will fit into small courtyard nooks. We always recommend everyone to consult with their local councils and other authorities about the building laws.

Always consult your local log cabins supplier about glulam log garages. You will be surprised with the possibilities that these humble buildings offer for your car protection. Discuss your housing plans and see how you can insert a log garage onto your property. And if you’re a business that would like to offer such glulam log houses, consider reaching out to Eurodita through our partner program. We will offer you a variety of models and possibilities to produce bespoke log garages. Don’t let your cars be ruined by the elements. Get a sturdy log garage that will last!