Showcase: Glulam log cabin Claudia

Posted Dec 25, 2020, Category: Cabin production

In this showcase, we would like to proudly present our glulam log cabin Claudia. This humble log cabin contains so much what is necessary in a classic glulam log cabin. It’s a beautiful, cozy design, with tall windows that let in a lot of natural light. In this post, we would like to dedicate time and presentation to this glulam log cabin, talk about its features, scenarios where it could be used and potential bespoke options that can be made with log cabin Claudia as a base.

First of all, the cozy, compact design of the glulam log cabin Claudia makes it a very versatile building. It can fit in small spaces like a back yard or on a small patch of land somewhere remotely. It can be used as one-room bespoke summer houses, or standard log cabins as offices. The natural light that reaches inside through these tall, beautiful, tilt & turn windows can help immensely in making this cabin a productive workplace, or a relaxing space of respite.

The light and breezy Norther pine, used in the production of the log cabin Claudia brings a sense of weightless coziness. This softwood only looks breezy, but is also extremely sturdy. The slow way the Northern pine grows makes it an exceptionally strong timber that is further reinforced by the glue lamination process. This process strengthens the bonds between timbers that then can withstand the tests of time and the elements.

Our design team set out to create this breezy, compact and sturdy log cabin that would keep those that stay inside comfortable, light and close to nature. Everyone has an innate need for comfort. It’s much easier to achieve this comfort, when the space in the log cabin is made specifically for it. The size is chosen to fit majority of customer needs, the single room design allows for experimentation with interior setting and design. The lightness of the timber, paired together with the size of the windows that bring in a lot of light, creates a sense of spending time outside. That is also how our goal of bringing people closer to nature. Even if chosen as an office, where one spends an entire day inside, working, the tall windows maintain the sense of spending time outside. It also helps to WANT to go outside, as the view of outdoors feels enticing and lures out.


Even though we are proud of the way the glulam log cabin Claudia is right now, we are very open to using it as a basis for something new and bespoke. Claudia can serve as a basis for an extended, contemporary residential log cabin that gives more space for extra rooms. It can also be converted to a different version of a garden office, with even more windows, a porch or terrace with an overhead. Whichever option your customers choose, Eurodita is the bespoke log cabin company and we will do everything we can to make it happen.

We are very happy with the glulam log cabin Claudia. It’s a humble cabin that achieves its purposes with grace and modesty. Our partners are more than welcome to order it, standard or bespoke. If you’re not a partner yet, please reach out to us via our partner program. We will be more than happy to discuss business with you!