Showcase: camping bus line Siesta

Posted Sep 20, 2020, Category: Business

On our catalogue, next to camping pods and saunas, we have a small line of what we call timber camping buses. The name is derived from the shape of these structures, as it’s like an elongated rectangle and greatly resembles a bus. These camping structures are meant to replace a tent and are big enough to fit one or two beds, depending on your customer’s preference. They’re usually not connected to any amenities, other than a source of electricity and are made to be slept in and little else. Overall, it’s a compact timber structure that has dimensions that are easy to transport in a truck and can arrive to our partners pre-built.

Showcase: camping bus line Siesta

The Siesta line

Currently our only line of camping buses on the catalogue is the Siesta line. All camping buses that come from this line differ only in their sizes. All have the same, elongated rectangle shape, same roof type, relatively small, square windows and all can be delivered fully constructed as an option. They are perfect as accommodation in a recreational park, or to be placed off the grid. Their relatively small size leaves a lot of options for their placement and the fact that they can be disconnected from any amenities also leaves them free do be taken anywhere. The smallest model of the Siesta line is made to house 3 to 4 people, while the biggest one has enough space for 4 to 6 people. Depending on the needs of your customer, the interior can keep the separating walls or put them aside. This line of camping buses is also deceptively versatile in use, as it can be easily converted into a sauna, heating stove included.

Showcase: camping bus line Siesta Showcase: camping bus line SiestaShowcase: camping bus line Siesta

Bespoke options and delivery 

We keep to the philosophy that any of our models currently shown on our catalogue can serve as basic design to alter through our bespoke order process. Same goes for the timber camping bus line Siesta. Model of any size can be altered, the doors and windows can be changes, even the dimensions extended or further shrunk. Alternatively, if your clients show interest in purchasing such a camping dwelling, it could be completely redesigned and perhaps a new model line launched through our work together.

The delivery terms also remain the same: flat packed option is always available. We can also render delivery services with our own truck fleet, or manage an overseas shipping. Additionally, with this camping bus line Siesta, there’s also an option to have it delivered pre-built and ready to be  used. The delivery terms of this option will greatly depend on your or your client’s country of residence, as the special, oversized truck delivery rules differ depending on where you are. This can be discussed and agreed upon during the purchasing or bespoke order process.

Final details

Camping buses are quite similar in their spirit to their cousins the camping pods. Both can be delivered pre-assembled and both are meant strictly for camping purposes. Also, both are great for recreational park areas and can be purchased in bulk amounts just for this purpose. However, Siesta is a more economic option of the two, yet has its own purpose and audience. With our partner program, however, you will have access to both. Let’s talk business!