Showcase: Bespoke glulam log cabin Forester

Posted Jan 11, 2021, Category: Cabin production

With the flexibility of glue laminated timber, we at Eurodita are able to design some truly special glulam log homes. This ranges from smallest log sheds to complex contemporary residential log cabins. Together with our partners, we receive remarkable orders and are able to flex our creative muscles in solving various tasks their clients give us. One of these solutions is the bespoke glulam log cabin Forester. We would like to dedicate this showcase to Forester and its special design. We will describe the concept of this large log cabin and the multiple uses it can have. Moreover, we will present the glulam log production process that allows us to achieve this design. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

The concept

Showcase: Bespoke glulam log cabin Forester Showcase: Bespoke glulam log cabin Forester

With the glulam log cabin Forester, we wanted to add something to our portfolio that would give some room for creativity. Not just to us, but also to our partners and their clients. That’s why we designed Forester with a completely open space, with lots of windows and natural light. Here we expect the owner of the cabin to fill in the interior planning and design, while working with something of an empty canvas.

We decided to provide a lot of windows that in turn let in a lot of natural light. Because this glulam log cabin is meant for every season – and with 88mm wall thickness it’s easy to do – it can offer different moods and bonuses based on what is happening outside. In winter, when light is scarce, the wall windows capture whatever the sky can offer. Meanwhile in summer, the windows let in all the light possible, while also providing some wonderful views.

The usage scenarios

The concept of the glulam log cabin Forester allows any interior designer to build their own vision of a log cabin. This is also true with the intended uses of Forester. There are basically no restrictions or intentions made when designing this log cabin. The large, open area can be turned into a cozy log cabin, with enough rooms for a large family. It can also be transformed into a relaxing summerhouse, with a lot of open space. For recreational purposes, it can be turned into a segmented building that can be rented out by room. It can also be turned into a small school, a kindergarten, or a daycare. With lots of space, it can also function as a workshop, a studio or even an incredibly spacious office. With the open design, any usage scenario is possible.

Making it possible

It’s the glue lamination process that allows us to be so creative and flexible with our designs. We can adjust sizes, interior planning, thickness and a host of other parameters of all glulam log cabins that we produces. This is possible due to the malleability of the glulam logs, that can be callibrated and shaped to almost any size and thickness. With this flexibility also comes aesthetics. Glulam timber doesn’t have any cracks of knots. The Northern pine we use in our production comes out light and smooth, giving the cozy, breezy vibe to all our products. Even after the glue treatment, te wood retains its natural colours. It can also provide a much wider interior space than classic full log houses could.

Final thoughts

Glulam log cabin Forester is the latest showcase of what is possible with glue laminated timber. That is the reason why we chose to work with this material at the very beginning of this business. Together with our partners, we are able to create truly remarkable log cabins and log houses, which travel all over the world to their new, happy owners.