Showcase: Bespoke glulam log cabin Challenger

Posted Dec 28, 2020, Category: Cabin production

In our series of showcases, we cannot help but add our bespoke glulam log cabin Challenger. A very modern take on the classic log cabin. With its design, we challenge the pre-conceived ideas about log cabins. The usual image of standard log cabins are that they are small, with a single room, perhaps a porch at the front of back. Also, there is a distinct notion that glulam log cabins are meant only for summertime use, like a holiday home or a weekend getaway spot. With the bespoke log cabin, aptly named Challenger, we would like to alter this perception and show that a log cabin can be just as comfortable, modern and serve as the permanent residence as well as some downtown studio flats.

Big windows and a loft

It’s true that a log cabin is, first and foremost, a compact building. However, that does not mean that comfort must be sacrificed in the name of space. With smart planning, the smallest of spaces can be turned into fully functional living areas. Log cabin Challenger stands at 28 sq. m. space. That is equivalent to a small studio flat in a city centre. Adding a 9,3 sq. m. loft provides a whole additional room, intended to sleep in. This smart space use approach elevates this log cabin beyond its original use as a small, summertime retreat.

More than that, log cabin Challenger also boasts tall, residential quality windows. This provides a lot of natural sunlight and allows for enjoyment of the view – just like modern downtown apartments. With bespoke design options, it’s possible to change the layout and configuration of these windows and provide a truly unique look to the log cabin Challenger. Square windows on the log level also provide a hefty amount of natural light, giving the upper floor a sense of scale, even with the actual compact size.

Modern on the outside

To complete the modern approach to this log cabin, the side-slopping rooftop adds a fine touch. Log cabin Challenger is fully usable as a permanent residence of its owner. That is why we gave it a residential look as well. The slopping rooftop together with the image of second floor makes this log cabin appear large on the outside and gives the impression of a glulam log home rather than a cabin. From the outside, tall windows and glass doors add to the look of modern residence even more. The tilt & turn models of windows complete the look and feel of a fully functioning house that this log cabin fully achieves.

Full residence

Log cabin Challenger achieves its full residence status with exceptionally thick timber walls. At 135mm, they can withstand even the harshest winter. The walls are fully prepped for insulation. Together with a proper heating and sewage system, this log cabin can quickly turn into a proper residence of its owner. The high quality windows described earlier prevent any leaking of heat and function properly as fully residential windows and doors.

Build it anywhere

Just like any glulam log homes, log cabin Challenger requires proper foundation to be built on. With that, the log cabin can be build practically anywhere. Be it a suburban neighbourhood, a like side plot of land or a remote town – log cabin Challenger will be fit for it. A very similar, albeit smaller option is the log cabin Discovery. Also equipped with a loft and great modern design, log cabin Discovery is even more compact, yet retains all the necessary functions, just like the Challenger.

Final insights

With the bespoke log cabin Challenger, we set out to build something modern out of a classic shell. We believe that we have succeeded in this challenge and can now add a great new item on our ever-expanding portfolio. To our current and future partners, we invite you to consider adding this model to your catalogue, modernising it and attracting the forward-looking client.