Selling a BBQ hut: how to entice your clients

Posted Jan 15, 2021, Category: Advice

BBQ huts are a truly fine addition to a portfolio of any log cabins supplier. They are a great recreational option for many clients, providing truly social experience. However, quite often, people that are not yet fully familiar with the versatile world of glulam log cabins, may not be aware of BBQ huts. With their Finnish heritage and popularity in the Nordic countries, BBQ huts don’t always make it outside of northern Europe. This can be remedied with proper sales points and information on usage scenarios of the BBQ hut. In this post, that’s exactly what we are going to cover: usage possibilities of the BBQ hut.

Quality family time

To most customers, family is what matters most, whether just the closest, or extended. To catch up, spend time and have fun activities all together can be a challenge. Lots of families end up simply sitting in their corners, not interacting as much as they could.  Let your customers imagine a cozy BBQ hut with all their loved ones gathered around a table with the cooking fire in the middle. This provides a truly social family gathering experience, with drinks, snacks and hot grilled food available at the reach of the hand. That is the true Finnish way of gathering family.

The Nordic dining experience

Selling a BBQ hut: how to entice your clients Selling a BBQ hut: how to entice your clients

The cooking stove in the middle is designed in such a way to allow grilling of food without going outside. Historically, it’s made in such a way to reduce exposure to harsh winters, gathering the entire family around the fire and cooking food right then and there. In the contemporary world, this transformed into an experience, allowing people to get a glimpse of how it was done in the days past. It’s also a very intimate experience. With smaller BBQ huts, the seating arrangement is usually quite close, mandating the participants to cooperate and socialise with one another. It’s something truly unique and an ancient tradition.

Break the routine without the chaos

Such a social and intimate dining experience allows your customers to break away from the routine. As a BBQ huts supplier, you can offer them something special, not just simple sitting around the table, but participating in the cooking of food while doing it together. More than that, a separate BBQ hut that gathers people away from home brings a certain sense of order. The space is dedicated to partying and sitting together, without bringing all the chaos of the party home. It’s a factor that a lot of people don’t think about, but it’s a strong sales point towards your customers.

Unique design

BBQ huts are unique in their own right. From outside, they have almost pointy rooftops, making them a stand-out accent to any garden. It’s not just the unique experience from the inside, but outside as well. Children may see the hut as a place out of a fairytale, a land of adventures and dreams. While the grownup crowd can appreciate the unusual design and look of the building. In terms of style, it’s truly a win-win for your customers that are looking for something out of the ordinary.

More than a grilling place 

Modern BBQ huts can be adapted for more than just a communal grilling experience. They can double up as log cabins to stay in, saunas with dressing rooms and more. As a BBQ huts manufacturer we are happy to say  that our current partners are satisfied with the flexibility of our BBQ huts. They are able to offer 2-1 options, as well as traditional approach to the timber building.

Summing up

Even if you haven’t offered BBQ huts to your customers before, it’s never too late to try it out. As part of our partner network, you would be able to offer your customers something unique. As private label BQ huts manufacturer, we will be able to service every step of the process: from order intake, with price offers under your brand, to the delivery of the BBQ hut to the desired location. Reach out to us through our partner program and let’s discuss adding this awesome Finnish experience to your catalogue.