Seasonality: best time to place your bespoke order for a long cabin

Posted Nov 25, 2020, Category: Advice

Very few production businesses are unaffected by seasonality. Because we work through our partner network, rather than engage with end customers, perhaps at Eurodita we are less affected by seasonal orders. Yet still we feel the ebb and flow of order breakouts rising and falling.

So, in this post, we would like to share some insights and advice on when it’s best to place an order for a bespoke cabin and not get buried in the rush. Our retail partners where majority of end customers place their orders are usually the ones bearing the brunt of that order rush. But there are ways to get around it and that’s exactly what we’re going to share today.

The earlier in the spring, the better

Traditionally, May, June and July are the rush months in the retail world of bespoke timber houses. This usually happens because customers want to purchase their log homes as early as possible, to catch as much warm weather as possible. This is especially true for made to measure summer houses and small log cabins – timber structures intended as summer retreats. Our retail partners scramble to take in orders and make sure they’re in production on time. We, in turn, scramble to plan our production to deliver orders on time. However, there is a way to avoid this rush and uncertainty of delivery – ordering your bespoke summer houses earlier. The best time to do so is early February or March. That is when our retail partners are least busy and can take in even the most complex bespoke timber houses orders. We would even go so far as to suggest ordering in late January and planning to have the timber house ready late spring-early summer.

Made to measure log cabins

Bespoke orders are very much our forte. We are called the bespoke manufacturers of dreams and Eurodita has firmly established ourselves as the bespoke log cabin company. There’s no wonder that we tend to partner up with retailers that excel at taking in bespoke log cabin orders. Changes that are requested by customers can vary in scale. From a completely new design, built from scratch, to minor changes – we take in all kinds of bespoke log homes orders.

The most common changes to any glulam house design are changes to porch sizes, thicker or thinner walls, changes in room sizes and plans, and repositioning of doors and windows. Together with our partners, we have developed a system of order preparation. Once our partners send us a bespoke order, we make it our goal to provide a full price offer with 3D renditions of bespoke log cabins within 24 hours. We are usually successful at it and hence were able to retain a 100% partner satisfaction.

Talking about delivery, it all depends on how busy our production is, how far away the order is being shipped and how complex the task is. All these factors contribute to delivery time anywhere between one to three months. That’s we advise to place that made to measure log cabins order as early as possible. Our cabins arrive flat packed and still need to be assembled and prepared to be lived in. While it doesn’t take nearly the amount of time it would take to build standard log cabins or traditional brick houses, the construction process still needs to be taken into consideration. that’s why we advocate placing an order as soon as possible, at the beginning of spring.

Final delivery times

By final delivery times, we mean everything from placing the order until final construction. In high season, this time can extend exponentially. As soon as it gets warn, not only are there more bespoke log cabins for sale and on offer, but also construction crews get busy too. To book a crew to come and put the log cabin together can be a challenge if done too late. While our retail partners almost always work with exclusive construction partners, even they can struggle to pencil in late orders.

Transport industry gets busy too. Seasonal influx of orders in various industries keep transporters busy and can impact the delivery as well. The earlier you order your bespoke log cabin, the better planned the entire chain can be and you will be able to catch more sunshine and nature during warm months. For our partners, we are naturally taking in orders despite the season. Please refer to our partner program for your bespoke log cabin orders.